Collection: Black Friday Flash Sale Package - 7 Healing Your Family Relationships Activations

Greetings Sweet, Sensitive & Courageous Empath,


Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who celebrate this holiday in the United States!


If this day is hard for you, please know you’re not alone. Millions of people (not just you) are raised in dysfunctional homes & still have not recovered from childhood wounds so this holiday may bring up a ton of painful memories whether visiting your family this year is or is not an option.


So I just want to tell you that I commend you! You are so strong, resilient & courageous & please know that the cycle of generational trauma that was passed onto you has absolutely nothing to do with you & didn’t start with you!


I’ve been there too and although the process of healing is not always easy, it’s so worth it so I want to remind you to try & be extral gentle on yourself & take some extra time to rest, do something nice & fun for your inner child & nourish yourself with self-care practices like a walking meditation, yoga, body movement of any kind, massage or picking up the phone, calling a friend & confiding in someone whose safe that you’re having a hard time.


This is the time of the year to celebrate & finally give your inner child permission to release those heavy burdens they’ve been holding & create a safe inner sanctuary to experience healing remembering we’re taught as children to not talk, trust or feel anything but now we can take back our power & break this oppressive family cycle, trust our intuition, talk about our feelings & become a channel of self-compassion.


To help you out with this, I’ve created a holiday stress-buster bundle to help you process the heaviness you’ve been carrying & claim your right to joy, peace & happiness!


This bundle contains 7 of my most requested inner child transmissions to help you:

  • Clear Generational Trauma For You & Your Ancestors
  • Make Sense Of & Release Karmic Family Patterns
  • Re-Write Family Vows & Soul Contracts That Do Not Serve You
  • Take Back Your Inner Childs Spunk, Creativity & Playful Soul Energy
  • Unravel Pre-birth Fear, Stress & Energy Imprints In The Womb In Utero
  • Unburdening Your Exiled Inner Child & Becoming Your Safe, Sane & Loving Parent
  • Healing Your Relationship With Your Family (Living Or Transitioned) With Compassion


Receive 7 Stress Reducing, Chakra Balancing & Powerfully Grounding Living Light Transmissions That Will Help You Rise Above & Move Beyond Energy Draining Family Members, And No Longer Be Bothered Or Triggered By The Adult Children That Raised You Knowing You Have The Tools & Awareness To Break That Painful Generational Cycle!


You can listen in sections or all in one sitting to receive all the energy medicine to give you the confidence to make important break throughs especially with difficult people that you happen to be related to.


The Total Value Is: $280.66

Now You Can Take Home All 7 Healing Your Family Relationships Activations For Only $77.77