1 On 1 Soul Healing Sessions

  • Ancestral Medicine Session

    This Session Helps You To:

    • Connect With Loving, Wise & Kind Ancestors

    • Meet Your Ancient Ancestral Guide

    • Heal Your Recent Unwell Or Troubled Ancestral Lineage

    • Feel Safe, Supported & Blessed By Your Bloodlines

    • Clear Family Karma, Dysfunction & Ancestral Trauma

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  • Chakra Detox Cleanse Session

    Experience a chakra cleanse to boost energy, vitality & unlock creative blocks for manifesting abundance.

    This session clears hidden debris, chakra sludge & empathic energy imprints in your bodies to release energy that doesn't serve you.

    Choose this session to heal & harmonize your 7 chakras, including soul star and earth star.

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  • Psychic Surgery Sessions

    Galactic Healing Sessions Transmit Accelerated Light Energy Healing,
    Intuitive Counseling, Medical Reiki Attunements, Soul Records Readings, Etheric Acupuncture, Celestial Surgery & Divine Doctoring To Raise Your Vibration, Strengthen Your Spiritual Immunity & Regulate Your Emotional Nervous System.

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  • Remote Reiki Distant Healing Sessions

     This Session Helps You To:

    • Soothes anxiety symptoms & panic attacks 

    • Release stress hormones & lowers cortisol levels

    • Reduce stress & muscular tension held in the body • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system •Boosts energy levels, focus & concentration

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  • Akashic Readings

    This Session Helps You To:

    • Release Energies That You've Absorbed & Stored From Others

    • Re-Claim Your Gifts, Powers & Multidimensional Mastery

    • Restore Your Life Force Energy In All Timelines, Galaxies & Realities

    • Feel Whole, Holy & Complete Just As You Are

    • Heal Childhood Wounds & Re-Parent Your Inner Child

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  • Empath Mentoring Apprenticeship Session

    This  Empath Apprenticeship Program Can Help You If:

    • You’ve embraced your empathic nature and would like to explore your true purpose.
    • You’re open, willing & committed to daily check ins to heal your thoughts & feelings
    • You are in a spiritual crisis and need help navigating your dark night of the soul.
    • You’re ready to do the inner shadow work and/or heal generational trauma
    • You’ve hit rock bottom and your work and personal life is becoming unmanageable
    • You’re open to learning new tools to stay grounded, present & heal your boundaries

    This structured and customizable program designed for empaths who are ready, willing & able to transform your life from the inside out.

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