1 On 1 Soul Healing Sessions

Receive Divine Light Healing By Phone, Zoom Or Remotely!

  • Reiki Healing Sessions

    This Session Helps You To:

    • Soothes anxiety symptoms & panic attacks
    • Release stress hormones & lowers cortisol levels
    • Reduce stress & muscular tension held in the body
    • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system
    • Boosts energy levels, focus & concentration

    Sessions are performed on Zoom, remotely, or in person if you reside in New York City.

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  • Reiju Reiki Attunements

    If You’re A New Or Seasoned Reiki Practitioner & Have Temporarily Lost Your Connection, Feel Stuck In Your Practice Or Just Need A Reiki  Refresher To Activate Your Energy Flows & Big Bright Light, Then This Attunement Is Perfect For You.

    Reiju Is An Ancient Ritual Originally Taught In Japan by Usui Mikao To Help Reiki Practitioners Re-Strengthen Their Divine Connection, Re-Balance Chakras, Clear Meridians & Channel Divine Light &  Life Force Energy With Your Healing Hands.

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    In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to the soul and higher self of your loved ones or the people or animals who were closest to you that are no longer with you. Some souls you loved & lost are still
    on earth and some reside on the spirit side

    Sessions are performed on Zoom, remotely, or in person if you reside in New York City.

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  • Akashic Readings

    This Session Helps You To:

    • Release Energies That You've Absorbed & Stored From Others

    • Re-Claim Your Gifts, Powers & Multidimensional Mastery

    • Restore Your Life Force Energy In All Timelines, Galaxies & Realities

    • Feel Whole, Holy & Complete Just As You Are

    • Heal Childhood Wounds & Re-Parent Your Inner Child

    Sessions are performed on Zoom, remotely, or in person if you reside in New York City.

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  • Mediumship Communication Sessions

    Receive messages from your loved ones in spirit to gain clarity, closure & connection especially if you have unanswered questions or can’t seem to rest because of unfinished business that causes confusion and stress.

    I will channel the soul you long to connect with in a two way conversation so you can receive important missing information to help you experience greater peace and confirmation that your dearly departed friends, partners, children, parents, pets or other family members are not suffering and still exist in the spirit dimension.

    If you long to speak with, hear from & feel the energy of the humans or animals that now reside in the spirit world, you may book a private session here:

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  • Cosmic Cord Cutting

    This session is over-lit with divine protection from Archangel Michael, the legions of blue flame lightning angels & the blue violet ray that melts & dissolves negative non-serving cords, energetic imprints & attachments you carry in your body that keep you stuck, immobile & disempowered as a gifted, intuitive & deeply feeling empath.You will learn how to empower yourself and channel your higher self & your spirit team to free yourself from chronic stress, trauma & heaviness releasing the grip of toxic friends, family, co-workers or past lovers so you can reclaim your natural state of sovereignty & naturally attract healthy & loving relationships.

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  • Inner Child Reparenting

    This session helps you bond with & give your inner child an opportunity to receive safe, nurturing & supportive parenting.

    If you have insecure attachments to your first caregivers, this is an important step to help you process & integrate unaddressed fear, stress, traumas & family dysfunction so you can stop blaming, shaming & feeling powerless to heal your inner toddler, teen, critic & your significant adult relationships.

    Sessions are performed on Zoom, remotely, or in person if you reside in New York City.

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  • Chakra Detox Cleanse Session

    Experience a chakra cleanse to boost energy, vitality & unlock creative blocks for manifesting abundance.

    This session clears hidden debris, chakra sludge & empathic energy imprints in your bodies to release energy that doesn't serve you.

    Choose this session to heal & harmonize your 7 chakras, including soul star and earth star.

    Sessions are performed on Zoom, remotely, or in person if you reside in New York City.

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  • Galactic Light Surgery

    This session allows you  to experience deep healing work with cosmic doctors, Arcturian surgeons & star shamans from higher dimensions in the great white lodge of Shambhalla to clear core fear, feel safe in
    your body and re-set your electrical nervous system.In this hour of deep relaxation, you will be attuned to accelerated light frequencies and advanced light treatments to open, unlock & clear chakra blocks and heal the root of your pain with etheric acupuncture, light codes &
    quantum energy medicine in the great white lodge in Shambhalla to raise your vibration, reclaim your personal power & heal your mind, body & spirit

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  • Candle Flame & Egg Cleanse Reading Session

    In Ancient Times, Shamans used & still use candles & eggs for divination & scrying to scan the body and melt cords, attachments, heavy energy & disruptions in the auric field & chakra system that may harm or block the flow of life force energy.

    In this cleansing session, I will read your energy with either a candle or an egg to absorb & remove negativity or environmental toxins from exposure to people, places & situations that you may have taken home with you that seem to drain you or zap your energy.

    This intuitive reading will allow you to make positive changes in your life & protect you from energy drainers so you can shine your light, feel your best & strengthen your boundaries in your closest relationships as a highly sensitive empath.

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  • Access Bars & Clearing Sessions

    Have you ever found yourself worrying & over-reacting to the smallest of things?

    Or maybe you can’t seem to shut off your mind at night no matter what you try?

    If you suffer from chronic stress, exhaustion or hypervigilance where everything around you feels like a threat, frightening or even dangerous when in reality it may not be, then this session can help ease your over-active mind.

    Access Bars is a gentle hands on treatment using a light & gentle touch over 32 points on the head that create a calming effect for most people and can help rewire the nervous system so you can return to your natural state of homeostasis & experience much more ease, joy, space & peace way more than you ever dreamed possible.

    As an Access Bars Practitioner, I also run clearing statements to release lifetimes of stuckness, judgements, assumptions & unconscious programs, reduce how often you get triggered & over-reactive & choose to live consciously by creating a different reality that serves & supports you.

    Give your brain a break, stop over-thinking, sleep better, unplug from the matrix and book a session today!

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All sessions are held on zoom or remotely on Monday-Friday between 11am-2pm eastern time.

Please note there will be a $50 no show fee if I'm not notified within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment.