About Me

I was gifted my dharma name by Mother Amma - an awakened self-realized master teacher who embodies the spirit of Divine Mother. Since receiving my first darshan blessing in 2007, Amma's Healing Hug has served to awaken and accelerate the opening and deepening of my intuitive gifts as a telepathic empath, angelic starseed, and energy healer teacher.

I am a divine channel, Usui Reiki Master, Inner Child Mentor, Buddhist Practitioner, and Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator. My greatest joy is supporting energy-sensitive creative empaths to speak their truth, own their gifts, and discover their unique soul purpose.

I am most known for my soothing voice, compassionate presence, and loving kindness that I embody when I hold a safe and sacred space for my clients and students.

My healing workshops and channeled transmissions include ancestral medicine, re-parenting the inner child, how to channel and trust your intuition, and soul loss recovery with the tools of mindfulness, visualization, and divine feminine energy medicine.

I channel the energy of galactic doctors, spirit surgeons, and star shamans, as well as earth-based power animals, nature spirits, and earth angels. Through etheric surgery, laser light surgery, and integrative journeys, I help others get unstuck, experience dramatic healing shifts, and profound transformation.

I'm a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 2007, Hold An Advanced Somatic Healing Certification From The Alchemy Institute Of Hypnosis In 2009, Became A Certified Hypnotist & Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner In 2011, A Medical Reiki Master Certification Medical Reiki International LLC In 2019 & A Reiki Master Shinpiden Practitioner From The International House Of Reiki In 2021.

I've also been a guest speaker presenter on many global telesummits & podcasts since 2016.

I have been a Nichiren Buddhist Practitioner since 2006 and attend the Rock Blossom Sangha based on the teachings of the venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn since 2021.

Every healing program I offer is available live, remotely, or as recorded replays in the Accelerated Light Healing Library. My aim is to provide deep relaxation, embodied peace, mind/body balance, and inner resilience.

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