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Vandana Light Healing

Healing Pre-Birth Trauma And Stress In The Womb MP3

Healing Pre-Birth Trauma And Stress In The Womb MP3

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with repeating the same old story, feeling stuck, or going nowhere fast? 

Would you like to feel stable, supported in this reality so you can experience more ease again?
Trauma and Stress from your earliest experiences in your physical body may still be affecting how you feel or view life now and  in the future. These pre-natal experiences and sensations may shape your sense of who you are and how you see yourself in the world. These early formative experiences can affect your health, well being and even your feelings of self-worth, and prosperity. Unresolved pre and peri-natal experiences shape our whole belief system and sense of identity.
The good news is that we can move through any unresolved emotional content still buried in our cellular memory as well as the issues stored in our tissues using the RICH Healing Tools of heart centered awareness. Once we bring these issues to the light, we can say goodbye to them and take our lives back.
You can access the energy patterns that your body was carrying from traumatic events at various stages from preconception to birth gave so you can finally let go of the old hurts and resentments you’ve been carrying for far too long. These events might have been totally beyond your parents’ control, or beyond their ability to cope with successfully because of their own upbringing or awarenesses.
Vandana will hold a sacred safe and supportive space for your own pre birth exploration so you can tune into, listen, feel and sense, subtle sensations in your bodies, sounds, memories, emotions, and feeling tones. This is listening and experiencing at the level of the soul that exists in the NOW where all time and space is merged into one continuous point of presence. Here you can access a deeper state of consciousness so you can heal your mind, body, and spirit.
On this call, we’ll be transforming any pre-birth trauma you might have experienced while in the womb into peace, serenity, love, intimacy, and gratitude with your biological mother even if you never knew her in this lifetime.
If you sense you might have experienced birth trauma or womb trauma, Vandana will clear out any blockages that won’t allow you to move forward in your life with total ease, space, and grace.
From here, you can create and embrace all of your powers, gifts, and abilities to manifest the life that you actually signed up for. Are you ready to re-design your destiny and reset your entire reality?
Take a journey back into the womb and heal your past, present, and future!
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