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Vandana Light Healing

Clear Ancestral Fear, Terror & Trauma MP3

Clear Ancestral Fear, Terror & Trauma MP3

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Since fear doesn't exist, wouldn't you rather feel excited to be alive every day?

If you dropped fear based thoughts, ideas & beliefs, what kind of magic & medicine would you be excited to create?

Join Vandana on a safe, supportive & sacred soul exploration to clear fear & embody LOVE IN ACTION!!!

Although fear (false evidence appearing real) can feel real & true, you can feel it & not let it limit you from living a truly magical life!

With The Help Of Your Higher Self, I AM Presence & Ancestral Guides, You Can Choose To Unlock & Unpack Others Fears, Blocks & Burdens Including:
  • Fear Based Thoughts
  • False Belief Systems
  • Ancestral Fear Projections
  • Fearful Generational Feelings
  • Familial, Collective & Planetary Fear
  • Childhood Or Womb Based Fear Imrpinting
  • What If Scenarios That Might Never Happen
  • Separation Stories From Your Blood Line
  • Your Birth Or Adoptive Mothers Fears
  • Your Birth Or Adoptive Fathers Fears
  • Fear Of Success
  • Fear Of Failure
  • Fear Of Fear
  • And More!

It's Never Too Late to CLEAR the FEAR from Your Cells, Chakras & Divine DNA!!!!

To change your life & get clear on why you're here, come experience gentle yet powerful Clearings, Creations and Re-Sets to help you & your family soul to finally feel safe in the presence of angels, guides, ghosts, monsters & objects that go bump in the night:)

You are stronger & wiser than you've ever been told!

Join us for this class to unpack lies, stories & superstitions passed onto you that hold you back, keep you stuck & diminish your light even in the darkest night of your soul journey & return to love!

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