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Vandana Light Healing

Ancestral Medicine For Family Karma & Generational Trauma MP4 Video

Ancestral Medicine For Family Karma & Generational Trauma MP4 Video

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Honor & bless your family soul.

In order to release & heal ancestral ancestral troubles, Vandana will show you how to request an ancestral protector guardian to vibrationally support you to mend the past & heal your lineage 7 generations back & forward in all timelines, galaxies & realities.

The veil is the thinnest now & it is easier to communicate with the dearly departed from recent ancestors & the wisdom of our elder bloodlines to honor their gifts & forgive their pain passed onto to us.

This sacred soul journey will help you to:
  • Unravel karmic knots
  • Unlock ancestral blocks
  • Unwind soul ties

Under the loving & protective guidance of your earth & galactic ancestors, you can heal & release:
  • Ancestral Trauma
  • Family Karma
  • Generational Troubles
  • Bloodline Blocks & Burdens

Your Birthright is To Be Free From Samskaras (Sanskrit For Family Imprints) That Hurt & Haunt You To End The Cycle Of Generational Pain & Heal Those That Came Before You.

Your Oldest, Coolest & Most Awesome Ancestors Will Help Heal Your Unwell Ancestors So They May Be Seated With Your Healthy, Happy & Well Ancestors To Bless Your Entire Maternal & Paternal Lineage.

Your Ancestors Appreciate & Love You Even If They Never Knew You.

As A Family Soul Your 4 Primary Bloodlines Can:
  • Strengthen Personal Boundaries
  • Express Your Inherited Gifts & Super Powers
  • Feel More Comfortable In Your Own Skin
  • Improve Your Family Relationships With Parents, Children & Siblings
  • Help You Honor, Forgive & Release Your Biological Bloodline
  • Heal Family Misunderstandings, Dysfunction & Separation Trauma

Whether you knew your birth parents or you are an adoptee, please join me to feel:
  • Expanded Presence
  • Deep Comfort
  • Heart Embodiment
  • Peace Of Mind
  • A Sense Of Belonging
  • Safe & Supported

This Sacred Journey Will Expand Your Heart To:
  • Trust Your Feelings
  • Feel Your Feelings
  • Clear Your Judgments
  • Free Your Mind
  • Live In Peace

Your Ancestors Are So Grateful For Your Presence & Participation In This Ancestral Reverence & Remembrance Ceremony!!!!!

Your Lineage Will Receive:
  • Cultural Healing
  • Personal Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Historical Healing
  • Inter-Generational Healing

You & Your Family Tree Deserve Healing, Closure & Comfort!!!
I Love You
Forgive Me
Thank You
I'm Sorry
I Love Myself
I Forgive Myself
I Thank Myself
I Am Sorry

Your Ancestors Look Forward To Meeting & Celebrating Them!

Experience Ancestral Magic & Medicine Here, There & Everywhere!!!

110 minutes

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