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Adult Children In Recovery - Moving From Insanity To Serenity

Growing Up With Insanity & Choosing Serenity As Your "New Normal" Reality

Please enjoy my quantum activation on the Quantum Home Sanctuary Summit with host Helena Reilly to awaken your divine human & simple ways you can shift from hurting to healing to helping to share your healing gifts authentically with integrity, compassion & loving kindness for all of humanity in this tumultuous ascension timeline. For more information, visit:

On this recent show with Veronica & Jason, I had so much fun facilitating a powerful process for sensitive empaths to identify where you store & carry others energies and how to recognize & call back your energy signature & own your intuitive gifts easily & effortlessly. For more information about the confident & visible empath show, visit this link to learn more:

If you love & care for a sacred being from the animal kingdom & either one of you is struggling, I invite you to join me on a soul journey to meet the angels, patron saints and ancestors of your pets.

In this recent Quantum Conversation Transmission With My Friend Lauren, You Will:

  • Experience A Chakra Cleanse With 7 Power Animal Protectors
  • Learn How To Heal Your Dog, Cat Or Other Pets Brachial & Bud Animal Chakras
  • Release The Root Of Your Pets Mental, Emotional Or Physical Stress Or Imbalance With Animal Reiki
  • Help your pets heal & recover faster by accessing the power of your own healing hands in person or at a distance

Watch The Animal Reiki Chakra Healing Replay & Share This Video With Your Friends:


Enjoy this heart opening interview to  inspire you to speak your truth with confidence in a recent conversation  with Anne Lise Ashaara, the Creator & Producer of the COSMIC TRUTH  show.

Anne Lise is also the founder of the Cosmicae Self-Mastery School & her websites are: and

May this interview empower you to speak your highest truth too


The Path Of Return Summit With Pierre Dubois

Please enjoy a somatic grounding mindfulness journey to align your body with your mind that I facilitated on the Path Of Return Ascension Summit Intro I've co-created with three of my favorite trusted holistic energy healer friends!  

Our soul intention is to show you how to embody the path of the heart with practical solutions during this accelerated ascension vibrational frequency shift.  

Free Mastery Empowerment Course with Vandana

Learn more about this episode and see Vandana's Special Offer:  

For Ascension Body Symptoms, Inflammation & Weakened Immunity Systems Greetings New Earth Light Warriors, Ascending Masters & Timeline Transformers,.

We are all in the process of shape-shifting from carbon cells to crystalline, the divine physicians, galactic kachinas & power protectors over-light us, support us & hold the soul medicine to back & bless you. 

The Integrated Empath Child Summit With Crystal and Vandana

Own Your Divine Light with Janet Miller

I'm just sharing this beautiful experience I had recently with my galactic Sistar Janet Miller!

On this broadcast, I facilitated a Galactivation Earth Light Infusion To Vibrationally Support You To Feel Safe, Confident & Comfortable Owning Your Own Divine Light & Then Shining It Bright By Just Being YOU:)))

All You Have To Do To Receive This Empowering, Loving & Inspiring Trance-Mission Is To Lie Back, Lean In & Receive It! 

The Global Gathering with Vandana

Enjoy the replay

The Alchemy Of Ascension hosted by Waxela

Remember what you've forgotten, update your sacred skill set & retrieve your star magic in this heart warming & divine soul reunion with my dear sistar Waxela!

Come meet your multi-system star family from heaven, earth & golden galaxies beyond 3D duality!!!

Lift up, Take Off & Safely Soul Travel to the pure land of Shambhalla, Nirvana & Shangri La!

Tune in here to be there: 

Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey and Vandana

We all are made of light & shadow!

Carl Jung said that the shadow is an aspect that’s kept hidden in the dark and out of your everyday conscious awareness.

It’s the part of you that often feels stuck, silenced or shut down.

But what if you didn’t have to work so hard to hide your gifts, your powers & what makes you truly unique anymore?

And what if you could heal & harmonize your shadow side into 100% pure light?

On this sacred soul journey, you will truly discover your hidden jewels & buried treasures so you can recover the parts of you that have been lost, forgotten or disowned.

Your Divine Uniqueness with Moncef Afkir

This was a fascinating call!! Vandana shared about the tremendous support that is available to us and the Divine healing team that is always there for us when we call upon them.

Learn who are the Divine Healing Team and how to work with them to unlock physical and emotional pain, heal past trauma, support your body into its evolution through the ascension journey, or to complement and supplement your 3D medical care...

Vandana always takes us into magical healing journeys, and this call was no exception!! The journey was very deep and so nurturing. Allow your self to receive this gift and experience connecting and receiving healing from your Divine Healing Team! I highly recommend it! 

From Heartache to Joy with Eram Saeed

I had a wonderful time with my friend Eram Saeed as we discussed the 5D Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery

On this accelerated light vibrational soul healing transmission, you will experience:

  • Profound peace, presence & protection
  • Deep relaxation & immediate stress-reduction
  • Relief & Release of troubled timeline trauma
  • Soul support from your healed & holy ancestors
  • Ease & Grace to assimilate & integrate 100% pure light
  • And much, much MORE!