Self-Paced Empowerment Programs

Welcome To My Vandana Light Healing Programs Library!

I've channeled every healing program so you can think outside the box of 3D limited beliefs & old paradigm belief systems that disempower you to re-create yourself anew, raise your vibration & awaken your bodies natural abilities to heal & recover faster from emotional, mental & spiritual wounds & trauma  that you carry in your physical body.

Each program connects you with your 5D spirit team you can call upon 24/7 to help support your healing process so you can you activate your psychic gifts, clear your chakras  & connect to your higher power to repair your soul, mend your heart & trust your gut as you ascend into a homo luminous divine human in every dimension.

If you need guidance on which course is best for you, send me a message for a 15 minute complimentary consultation.


  • Divine Doctoring Intervention Practitioner Training Program

    This divine intervention program allows you to take your energy healing skills, gifts & abilities to the next level.

    Learn how to help yourself, your clients & your loved ones with 5D galactic light tools, processes & techniques to clear the root cause of pain, stress & the spiritual cause of emotional pain, stress & trauma.

    Meet The Divine Doctors, Surgeons & Shamans on your Spirit Team!

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    Receive divine DNA updates from advanced spirit doctors, galactic surgeons & star shamans who over light your health & perform miraculous multi-dimensional healing for your mind, body, spirit & soul.

    Each healing recording contains accelerated light keys & codes to unlock & release pain points & toxic cellular imprints for deep clearings with star medicine intervention technologies that don’t exist on this planet.

    Take a different soul journey every day, once a week or as often as needed to boost your energy, elevate your frequency & enjoy the freedom of living & thriving in a luminous light body.

    Each healing track connects you with your higher power & intelligent body that knows how to heal itself in all life streams, timelines, galaxies & realities to restore you mind & body back to it’s original divinely perfected state of harmonious well-being.

    This Program Contains Guided Visualization Journeys To Clear the Root Of:

    • Upper/Lower Back Pain Healing
    • Abdominal Pain Healing
    • Heart Walls Healing
    • Throat/Lungs Clearing/Healing
    • Limbic Brain Clearing
    • Shoulder/Neck Pain Healing
    • Foot/Ankle Pain Healing
    • Knee/Elbow/Wrist Joint Pain Healing
    • Teeth/Gum Pain Energetic Extraction Healing
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  • Multi-Dimensional Magical Mediumship Divination Practitioner Program

    Divine Healing Intervention Program

    Dive Into Each Sacred Healing Transmission & Experience An Accelerated Light Vibrational Upgrade To Repair, Regenerate & Rejuvenate Your Body/Mind/Spirit In The Celestial Sanctuary Of Rapid Recovery & Profound Peace.

    This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Introduces You To Your Angelic, Celestial & Multidimensional Medical Team That Don’t Exist Here Where You Will Journey With Me To Release Toxins & Receive Divine Doses Of Nameless Light And Star Elixirs To Re-Birth Your True Self & Restore Your Radiant Health & Total Well-Being.

    Each Webinar Contains Gentle & Safe Clearings, Creations & Re-Sets To Watch On Demand At Your Own Pace & Play On A Loop To Unlock Chakra Blocks As You Are Sleeping.

    In Each Class, You Will Receive Updates, Downloads & Energetic Re-Sets From Your Divine Healing Intervention Team To Help You:

    • Separation From Source
    • Mental Overwhelm
    • Generational Trauma
    • Physical Pain Manifestation
    • Mind/Body Imbalance

    Class 1

    • Receive Resurrection Light To Rebirth Your True Self
    • Experience A Physical Body Upgrade To Cleanse Your Cells, Chakras & DNA 
    • Unlock Pain Points & Ancestral Trauma To Regulate Your Nervous System

    Class 2

    • Receive Star Medicine From Your Helpers, Guides & Galactic Allies
    • Align With The Mind Of Creator, Your Angelic Team & Higher Power
    • Absorb Photonic Light Infusions & Gamma Rays From The Galactic Core 

    Class 3

    • Receive Angelic Healing From Archangel Raphael & Mother Mary
    • Dissolve Emotional Heart Walls To Dissolve Blocks & Burdens
    • Resolve Unresolved Stress & Trauma On A Cellular Level

    Class 4

    • Clear & Heal Family Karma & Soul Trauma With Divine Spirit Guides
    • Unravel Negative Energy Cords, Spirit Attachments & Quantum Entanglements 
    • Reprint Your DNA With Youth Frequencies To Restore Your Original Divine Blueprint 

    Class 5

    • Receive New Earth Healing From Mother Gaia, The Crystal Grids & Plant Medicine
    • Ground Your New Earth Energy With Inner Earth Guardians & Ascended Masters
    • Awaken Your Inner Shaman On Your Path To Become A Person Of Power

    Student Testimonial: 

    Hello Vandana! I would like to THANK YOU for the classes I took. I feel an incredible shift  every time I connect with my Divine healing team! I'm noticing I’m a lot more confident & am so grateful for this course. Also,  I feel so much more connected with my Divine soul & am experiencing profound peace and I’m trusting I have what it takes to manifest an easier life and re-set my entire reality! I appreciate your soul support! Thank you again for empowering people!" Elena

    This Program Includes 6 MP3s, 5 PDFs, Comes With A Certificate of Completion & A Complimentary Q & A Session To Answer Your Questions & Attune You To The Valuable Members Of Your Divine Healing Team.

    Playtime Is 12 Hours

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  • Accelerated Light Reiki - Level 1 Certification Program

    The First Teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho Natural Healing are here for Empaths, Sensitives & Caregivers. This ancient holistic energy medicine reduces stress, clears channels, and activates your body's healing response. Experience accelerated healing with Reiki Chi, boosting immunity and igniting creativity. Join our self-empowerment program for practical energy shifting practices. Perfect for stressed caregivers, empaths, and more. Regulate your nervous system, release fear, and cultivate mindfulness. Discover the art of transmutation and receive attunements to heal mind, body, and spirit. Enroll now for transformative Reiki training and unlimited support.

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  • Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Practitioner Certification Program - Level 1

    Join me for Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery in your magical healing pod. Rise above dense realities, release fear, and reset your energy. Discover your true identity and heal inter-generational pain. Empower yourself, improve health, and be your own spirit guide. Learn how to share your gifts and fulfill your soul role. Become a Galactic Healing Practitioner from anywhere in the world. Heal yourself, loved ones, and humanity on Golden Gaia's Emerald Earth.

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  • Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Practitioner Certification Program - Level 2

    Become an Accelerated Light Galactic Energy Healing Practitioner, Paradigm Shifter & Ascension Awakener in a 6-week cosmic curriculum. Learn to navigate the ascension dimension, share your gifts, and heal humanity. Discover advanced healing keys and cosmic codes. Embrace your true soul role as a guide and leader. Heal from trauma with divine doctors and spirit surgeons. Tune your frequency with diamond and star energy. Join the Galactivation Program for a transformative journey.

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  • Accelerated Light Akashic Reader Practitioner Training Program - Level 1

    Join the Akashic Records & Soul Vows Clearing program to release, integrate, clear, and harmonize ancestral, past life, and childhood vows. Learn accelerated light quantum tools and cosmic codes for transformation. Connect with spirit guides, clear karmic patterns, and create new vows. Re-parent your inner child and embody infinite possibilities. Embrace abundance, blessings, connection, wealth, peace, and love. Rewrite your soul destiny with ease. Become the author of your dream life. Instructions enclosed.

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  • Accelerated Light Akashic Records Advanced Reader Practitioner Training Program - Level 2

    Join the Akashic Soul Records course to access, heal, transform, and reset your reality with accelerated Akashic Light. Connect to unlimited resources and divine guidance for your soul's path. Break free from past patterns, trauma, and ancestral influences. Create ease and grace on your 5D ascension journey. Gain profound insights from the Akashic Records' cosmic library. Enhance your intuitive gifts and empower yourself and others. Learn to read the Akashic Records and uncover the mysteries of life. Suitable for all levels of practitioners. Gain access to higher-dimensional solutions and light intelligence. Help others understand their divine nature and purpose. Harmonize your relationship with Spirit and transform your life. Receive an Akashic Reader Certificate upon completion

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  • Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval Program

    I invite you to take a Sacred Cosmic Journey To Take Back the parts of you that you’ve left behind in other lifetimes that make you feel incomplete, empty & the daily feeling or sensation that some vital pieces of your infinite soul are missing.

    To Heal Timeline Trauma, I'm Happy To Teach You How To Connect & Communicate With Your Soul Assigned Star Elders, Galactic Messengers & 5D Counselors That Over-Light Your Multi-Dimensional Soul.

    If you haven't experienced soul retrieval, this healing system retrieves lost soul fragments that to feel safe that you left behind in alternate galaxies, planets & star systems.

    When you experience Cosmic Soul Recovery, you become the invitation to receive, embody & integrate all of your advanced gifts, abilities & sovereign super powers back to help you become grounded, present & connected to every aspect of your multi-dimensional soul.

    Take a different soul retrieval journey with me & re-birth your true self in every dimension in this incarnation.

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  • Galactic Light Surgery Program

    Galactic Etheric Light Surgery Program

    I invite you to divine doctoring, multi-dimensional medication & inter-galactic healing intervention in this life-saving ascension preparation timeline integration.

    Visit The Great White Lodge, Sanctuaries Of Light & Temples Of Miraculous Healing To:

    • Clear Ancestral Spells That Drain Your Financial Flow & Weaken Your Immunity System
    • Cast Away Absorbed Negativity, Toxicity & Miasmic Density You Hold Within & Around You
    • Receive Multi-Dimensional Medication, DNA Surgery & Celestial Light Surgery To Shift from Carbon Cells To A Crystalline Luminous Light Being

    Meet The Divine Dr. Lorphan, Your Galactic Ancestors & Your 5D Soul Counselors To Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence & Help You Feel:

    • Safe, Supported & Provided For In This Timeline Of Great Change & Uncertainty
    • Connected, Comforted & Cared For By Benevolent Invisible Helpers
    • Grounded, Stable & Provided For By Your New 5D Spirit Guides & Power Protectors
    • Aligned With Your Higher Self, I AM Presence & Guardian Angels
    • Energized & Re-Vitalized In Your Evolutionary Luminous Light Body
    • Confident & Comfortable As A Crystal Clear New Earth Channel
    • Hopeful, Holy & Healthy In The Holy Skin That You Were Born In
    • God Sovereign Free & A Master Of Your Own Chosen New Reality

     This is not the end times but the new time of times where you can re-set your:

    • Spiritual Immune System
    • Radiance Respiratory System
    • Emotional Nervous System
    • Survival Brain & Limbic System
    • Divine Digestive System
    • Fear, Fight, Flight & Freeze Neurological Systems

    When you say YES, you will experience:

    Class 1

    Clearing Pandemic Fear, Chaos & Survival Vows From Past Lives In Other Planets, Star Systems, Galaxies, Realities, Leumeria & Atlantis

    Class 2

    Clearing Your First 8 Cells, Your Heart & Your Brain In Utero In The Womb Of Fearful Thinking, Programs & Pre-Birth Trauma From Your Muscle Memories

    Class 3

    Clearing Unconscious Stress, Shock & Fear Imprinting, Learning & Programming From Your First Experience On Earth, During The Birth Process & First Days Of Life In Your Childhood Home

    Class 4

    Clearing Human Conditioning, Programming & Spiritual Illness In Childhood, At School & From All Of Toxic Relationships Where True Healing Has Not Been Resolved, Processed Or Addressed.

    Release Earth Timeline Stress, Survival Fear & Spiritual Illness In All Timelines, Galaxies, Dimensions & Realities To Live Long, Be Healthy & Prosper!

    Stay Connected & Divinely Protected With Your Star Elders, Helpers & Totem Protectors & Become At One With The Law Of One.

    Receive Galactic Healing Technologies, Discoveries & Natures Medicinal Remedies In The Zoom Womb Re-Birthing Room From The Comfort Of Home!

    This package includes:

    • Four 2 Hour Accelerated Light Galactivation Sessions (MP4 Video and MP3 Audio)
    • 24 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Galactic Healing On Yourself & Others
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  • Dream Body Transformation Program

    This 6 Week course allows you to heal body shame and the way womb, birth & childhood trauma often sabotaging your best intentions to live in a healthy & happy body. 

    In this practical, magical & transformational healing program, I will help you identify, clear & resolve held energy & suppressed stress you have absorbed & stored as extra weight, excess energy you’ve absorbed as a highly sensitive empath, & body pain that slows you down, keeps you stuck & makes you feel heavy & dense creating emotional blocks that won’t allow you to embody your own light.

    Each module contains simple & effective tools, processes, exercises & techniques to feel safe in & grateful for the gift of your body without taking on toxic energies that don’t belong to you.

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