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Vandana Light Healing

How To Attract a Vibrational Match & Out-Vibing Old Relationships MP3

How To Attract a Vibrational Match & Out-Vibing Old Relationships MP3

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Everything has its own vibrational frequency…even our thoughts & feelings. We energetically entrain our vibrational state all the time. We’re in constant motion as we readjust our frequency depending on who we hang out with, are surrounded by, or choose to live with.

We all move and vibrate - at different frequencies and live in an ocean of energy.
We are connected in a unified field.
So we naturally attract certain kinds of people, situations, & experiences based on where we place our thoughts, focus, & attention on. “Like attracts like” so If you want to attract your ideal partner, you have to become a “vibrational match” to the person you want to share your life with. If you desire a loving partner, you must embody the frequency of love.
The universe can only deliver the equivalent vibrational match to you in each moment so what happens when you’ve shifted, done the internal work, and have increased your vibration so high that you simply no longer resonate with your family members, loved ones, partners, friends, spouses?
If you’re not vibing with the same people you used to vibrate with, should you stay, try to change them, change yourself, or move on and try to meet someone who you can vibe with?
When you align with the vibrational universe, you can allow it to reset your reality so you don’t have to do anything…you could just simply BE here & allow everything to magically unfold without having to figure it out on your own. Isn’t that cool?
Our vibrational universe is always moving, changing, & expanding as we are. The challenge lies in resisting these natural changes which ultimately separate us from our souls identity & life path. As our planet ascends it can only hold the vibration of truth, oneness, peace, & harmony.
As the old vibrational mismatched frequencies fade, collapse, & dismantle…new and higher vibrational matches will make themselves known and will be revealed in the perfect time and divine order! This includes your career path, ways of earning income, friendships, family relationships, partnerships, businesses, lovers, and marriages.
Is it time now to awaken your Soul Signature… your unique vibrational resonance…your vibrational footprint… as an absolutely perfect infinite creation?

In this class, Vandana will help you to:
  • Release self-doubts that you can attract vibrationally compatible matches
  • Reveal your true identity
  • Increase your vibrational frequency to find the ideal partner, career, or relationships 
  • How to send clear signals out to the vibrational universe to attract who & what you desire
  • Maintain & sustain a high vibration all the time
Vandana will help you get clear & follow your knowing about your past & current relationships that you might have now outgrown or out-vibed creating a vibrational mis-alignment.
RICH Clearings & RACE Creations will help unlock stuck points in your timelines, cancel & re-write soul & karmic contracts with others that limit your life, release lower vibrational energies belonging to others, reclaim your true identity as a divine creator, & move forward with ease, peace, grace, and space to re-unite with your soul mates, soul groups, & soul families.
Are you ready to reset & recalibrate your entire reality just by showing up as the authentic you?
Is this class resonates with you…come join us and transform your life in the blink of an eye!
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