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Vandana Light Healing

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child MP3

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child MP3

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I'm excited to announce this opportunity to receive higher vibrational upgrades to navigate the new energies of the age of aquarius with ease, grace, & space.

This guided journey & soul dialogue allows you & your inner child to bond & heal past trauma at accelerated speed. Your little one deserves to be heard, seen, appreciated, acknowledged, & loved. Now is the time to come out & play, renew your childlike innocence, & create magical possibilities you've been dreaming of but never thought was possible until now.

Many of us are still feeling unsettled, uncomfortable, & uncertain living in these times of this great shift of consciousness but it doesn't have to feel hard, dense, or sticky.

Each time you receive these vibrational upgrades, it supports your spiritual evolution to help you rise above chaos & tribal consciousness & embody a higher vibrational essence to see all of life around you from a higher, vaster, & broader perspective.

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