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Soul Role

Vandana Atara Aura was gifted her name by her spiritual teacher, Mata Amritanandamayi, affectionately known as Amma the Hugging Saint from India.

The sanskrit word Amma means Mother & Vandana was gifted this sacred name to embody the qualities of motherly love, benevolence, kindness & compassion.

She is the Creator of Vandana Light Healing & is a divine channel, soul guide, angelic shaman, energy healer, mentor & ascension teacher whose soul role is to inspire and empower all sentient beings.

Soul Gifts

Vandana embodies the divine feminine frequencies of christed light through her soothing voice, open heart & tender touch.

Her divine healing intervention team & doctors of divinity can be felt, seen & experienced through her body, eyes, aura & healing touch when you are in her divine presence.

Vandana was gifted ascension keys & codes during the paradigm shift in December 2012 to help usher in the new energies of unity, community & 5D living with ease & grace!

Soul Journey

Her greatest joy is to transmute 3D density & duality into pure light & oneness as we move into the aquarian age & birth the new earth together.

She’s a first waver, awakener, re-birther & timeline transformer who is here to raise consciousness, elevate souls, be of service & uplift the planet.

Vandana is known for her soothing voice, hypnotic soul journeys loving touch & out of this world healing transmissions to balance & harmonize the mind, body, spirit & soul.

Want to know which cool ESP (Extrasensory Perception) ability you have?


RICH, RACE, Reality Reset Tools

The Clearing Tool: RICH

RICH embodies all the energies of every healing system in the world and more, way beyond anything we could ever know to ask for! When you say it, it Releases, Integrates, Clears and Harmonizes the energies around anything you bring up. RICH goes beyond your rational mind, allowing it to go to the core of what you desire to change without you limiting what it can do by trying to figure it out.

R - Release – Letting go of anything that is not truly you

I - Integrate – Incorporating all aspects of you. Making a demand of the Infinite Consciousness to fully restore our powers, gifts and super abilities to be whole again without judgment.

C - Clear – Cleansing your energy field of all distractions, lies and stories you have been issued or created to open up to more space for you to choose to be and show up as the wholeness of you.

H - Harmonize – Harmonizing your being on all levels to uncover, discover, excavate, integrate, allow and receive everything you desire and require by simply asking for it.

It’s as easy as saying:

“Everything the doesn’t allow me to _________________, RICH.”


“Everything that I’ve decided about _____________, RICH.”


“Everything that allows me to be affected by _______________, RICH.”

When you RICH a limitation, it clears yourself, your entire ancestral lineage, all of your past lives and everybody you’re connected to in this life time, friends, family, lovers, business relationships, even people you see regularly at the grocery store.

RICH Clearing Tool

The Clearing Tool: RACE

We have spent so much time clearing ourselves, which is amazing in and of itself. After we become free of what’s limiting us, we Create Our Lives the way we desire to have them!

This tool is called RACE! RACE stands for:

R – Radiate

A – Activate

C – Create

E – Expand

When you use this tool it Creates the energy of what you would like to become as a vibration which will contribute to you receiving that in your life. It Radiates that energy out from within your being. It Activates all the energetic pathways and situations that will Create what you are asking for and it Expands that energy all the way out to Infinite Consciousness so the energy can change your reality with the power of everything that is!

To use this tool, say:

“What would it take for ______________ to show up as if by Magic? Everything that wouldn’t allow that RICH. And everything that is RACE!

RACE Clearing Tool

Reality Reset

This command Resets your entire Reality! You wake up in a new reality free from your limitations and the energy you created with RACE adding to the direction of your life!

To use this tool, add it to the end of any clearing and / or creation:

”What would it take for ______________ to show up as if by Magic? Everything that wouldn’t allow that RICH. And everything that is RACE. REALITY RESET.”

This allows your reality to create itself without the programs you cleared and released with RICH, and with the energy you created and expanded with RACE! It transforms your entire life!!! When you run it, it changes all the molecules in Infinite Consciousness including your body, everything you can see and everything in your reality to function from this new place.

Reality Reset

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Vandana Atara Aura