• She has helped me immensely on my journey to wholeness and Self Love

    Vandana is a huge Hearted Healer who supports her clients through the ups and downs of their Healing journey. With Reiki Healings, Galactic support and love mixed with Light and Joy! She has helped me immensely on my journey to wholeness and Self Love. Bless Bless

    Susan Joy - New York

  • Your spirt team replay was awesome as well. Loving your work.

    Dear Vandana your Zeal activation point has been life changing! I've been expeeiencing amazing shifts and clearings.has from the back of my neck electrically I'm talking about!***Your spirt team replay was awesome as well. Loving your work.The PDFS so brilliantly helpful. I reallly appreciate your generosity., When I watched it, the gorgeous you I saw with peacock feathers in your ear rings dangling down was filled with luminosity, lightness and flow. Thank you so much for your love, care, passion  and wisdom you put into all your work.

    Helen from Australia

  • This work topped the stuff they did and my Body was freed Up

    Your Cosmic Cord Cutting System miraclulously caused healing from very Malifcient and Malicious stuff Or Enchantments Almost like an Exorcism...Omgoodness.Anyway this work topped the stuff they did and my Body was freed Up & Literally liberated Me From  Interference Energy. I can't explain but I asked my spirit Team to help me Overstand all this stuff that happened.

    Thank you Vandana

    - Ron Radar-NY

  • Vandana connections with everyone

    This course came to me at the perfect time as I was feeling a calling to go deeper with my inner child. Vandana creates space of safety during each call. To allow you and your inner child’s feelings to be heard, felt and embraced. Vandana connections with everyone on the call to tailor the course for those that are attending. There have been many deep clearings for me during this course. I have also appreciated the learning to identify when I take certain actions or say certain things, where it is coming from my inner child or my adult self. I think it has also been an experience to learn to see your parents as their inner child, to foster the healing" 

    - Blessings💫Renee

  • This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

    Wow beloved Vandana! I love you & thank you for the galactic angelic abundance attunement program to heal the "not enough" programs of my inner child! I can't even find the words to describe the grace of this re-birthing experience… I allowed myself to trust my intuition and guidance to receive healing information & deeper understanding to help me move forward into my divine alignment. I have tried to make peace countless times with my mother and ancestors but needed to journey back to the moment of my birth to experience the ultimate transformational blessings! Every part of your soul journey was potent and valuable in so many places & spaces that I had to stop and do some healing writing & journaling to shift my thoughts & emotions into the most incredibly joyful experience! I have now rebirthed my old stories to create new beginnings. My inner child deserves this and more! This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life! 

    - Samantha T

Greetings Vandana and Team, Wow! It’s incredible how you interact with your students& although I couldn’t attend the live group sessions, I still receive so much healing evenon the replays! I was called to enroll in the Spirit Doctors course & now understand why.Following your introductory course, I could for the first time see my actions, understandwhy I was doing this and trace it back to birth and I am sure in prior incarnations.  It wasas though the fog I was living in and basically hiding in was lifted and my ego self wascompletely exposed and from there my soul self could say, I see you, I love you and Iam ready to heal you.  After 49 years, I am sitting with myself, I am not being busy, avoiding, covering up,making the surface appear lovely... I am seeing ... this is a massive shift and I am sovery grateful for the work that you offer and for the healing that it has initialized withinme so thank you!

With Love - AW

Hi Vandana,

I love your presentations because you make it so easy to understand the world of spirituality for a beginner & also include things in your classes for seasoned students too.

I really like the visual aids and that you always allow your students to ask questions so that we can fully understand what you are presenting.

You're so patient and really explain things well. It matters to me that you're such a kind and caring teacher & that your students get the most out of your presentations. I've taken many spiritual courses but this channeling course was new for me.

Although I have channeled, I didn't call it that and then when I took your class, I got the concept & know I have so many gifts that I may have overlooked and taken for granted so thank you for all you do

- Julia

I thoroughly enjoyed your Manifesting Like A 5D Billionairess recent
program and felt it was one of the best prosperity/manifestation classes
I had ever taken online

Hi Vandana,

I thoroughly enjoyed your Manifesting Like A 5D Billionairess recent program and felt it was one of the best prosperity/manifestation classes I had ever taken online There were wonderful rituals, guided meditations, chakra cleansing and clearing exercises, affirmations & I was left with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the chakra system and how it works, how each chakra relates to prosperity and abundance. It was also the best chakra course I’ve ever taken and you provided many useful techniques for strengthening, healing, cleansing, clearing and unblocking the in body chakras I seem to be reaping results as I have had steady work dog and cat sitting and a few times unexpected moneyshowed up out of nowhere.

Anita G - San Francisco, CA

Your knowledge is certainly  galactical & you are so adorable to watch on screen

Wow, I just read your bio!***just delightfully magical

No wonder I was drawn to you with what you offer.

I've done the first workshop and I really enjoyed it. The chakra detox.

I found it far more thorough and practical than what is offered in a lot of yoga trainings I've attended.

I also Loved the chakra work and the psychic antennae exercise.

Your knowledge is certainly  galactical & you are so adorable to watch on screen and your PowerPoint slides are just beaming with love, joy, peace and a splash of excitement!

- Helen, Australia

  • What A Powerful & Grounding Billionaire Chakra Activation Program! 

    Vandana's Billionaire Chakra Activation was super POWERFUL Vandana's facilitation invoking all the light beings was the perfect integration of 10 years of being part of the “One Billion Rising” movement that Eve Ensler of the “Vagina Monologue’s” founded.

    Throughout the activation, I was fully anchored in my body and allowed my sacred body to be a vessel of love and sovereignty for all the 9 Billion sentient beings in this beautiful planet earth. 

    When you receive this activation, you are consciously connecting to the morphogenetic field of millions of people around the world who have danced for sovereignty with the “Break The Chain” song part of the one billion rising movement & when my billionaire earth star chakra awas activation, I was rooting even deeper into my soul power to co-create the New Earth with greater confidence to help me take that next soul-aligned step.

    I am inviting you to rise in joyful sovereignty too! The time is now for us to take up our unique space here on Earth and shine our bright light in whatever way we choose.

    So come on people let’s all be billionaires in light trainingI Imagine all the philanthropy projects that can bloom when all sentient beings experience 5D prosperity flows? Are you ready to join us?

    ”Tania La’Tei’Na’hah Susheila

    Joyfully Sovereign

  • Your 5D Prosperity Frequency Program Worked Miracles For Me

    Your 5D Prosperity Frequency Class was Exactly what I was Needing & is sheer Genius with the powerful energetic clearings & visualization meditations to help me wash all energetic residue from alll the money I've ever receivedI I included all left-over energies from my relatives, ancestors & friends with whom I share intimate & close connections with! This did it for me. Thank you Vandana Atara! - Steffen S – Germany

  • Thank You For Helping Me Call In My Divine Doctors To Heal My Family

    I found Vandana’s guest appearance on a pod cast my husband recommended to me a few years back. After listening I was deeply impacted by the soothing sound of her voice and the way she described the movement of light through the body. I searched for more of her recordings and bought a few meditations to try. Shortly thereafter I discovered my daughters cancer diagnosis and our lives quickly changed. I used Vandana’s meditations to get my daughter and I through this very difficult time of healing and transformation.

    I started using the suggestions of calling forth my galactic healing team to help my daughter. We’re very focused on prayer and meditation during this process. These guided meditations are really what got us through cancer. After being told my daughter would most likely loose her reproductive organs and need chemotherapy, we knew we would be dealing with more than any 18 year old should have to go through. We kept doing energy healing work from the meditations daily as her surgical day approached. After her surgeries the doctors told us the cancer was only stage 2 and it was all removed. We were overjoyed and beyond thankful! She would not need chemo and she would get to keep her ability to have children in her future. We believe she experienced a true healing miracle.Since discovering Vandana’s work, I’ve incorporated some of the techniques she uses in her meditations in my own healing practice. It has proven to offer me great assistance in the treatment of my own clients during energy work.I highly suggest her work to those looking to excel in their abilities to heal and transform their lives or the lives of others. I am forever grateful for the Vandana’s work and how it’s changed my life.

    ~ Salena - California

  • So grateful for your chakra detox programs

    I am so deeply grateful to have been able to participate in this invaluable chakra detox program. I have so much more awareness of childhood and other negative programming, and how to dismantle the negative scripts I have been carrying unnecessarily in my head for so long. 

    In particular, I got so much more than I ever believed possible from the sixth and seventh chakras detox sessions.


    I will listen to the series many times in the future to continue my spiritual growth. I deeply and completely recommend this series for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual growth and awareness.

    With much gratitude,


    - Elizabeth R.

  • Thank you!

    Vandana is a lovely knowledgeable healer and a wonderful human being. I love her meditations, her voice and her willingness to help everyone, wherever you are on your path.

    Thank you!


  • I felt the healing energy strongly

    I just had a powerful healing session with her. She is an amazingly gifted healer! I felt the healing energy strongly. Thank you for your 5 star service. I highly recommend Vandana services to anybody who needs a powerful healing transformation. Thank you very much!


  • I was meant to join this class

    I'm so grateful for your Animal Reiki Certification Course! The divine timing of this unique offering was perfect & allowed me to deeply support my dog  over the last few weeks. I truly believe that I was meant to join this class & I'm so grateful that I was able to give my pet the gift of Reiki to restore his body to full mobility and flexibility after his recent surgery! Such a blessing

    - Corban, Virgina

  • Vandana You Are An Angel!

    Vandana You Are An Angel! Your Galactic Cat Magic Journeys Are So Advanced So I Just Need To Sincerely Thank You!  The Jaguars Power Animal Healed My Neck & Body Immediately When I Allowed Her To Work With Me. I’ve Already Set Up A Protection Altar & Received Upgrades In My DNA. This Shapeshifting Spirit Animal Transmission Arrived At The Divine Time For Me! 

    Love, Radiant Ron – Upstate NY

  • The meditations are phenomenal

    I signed up for a free “discovery session” with Vandana and instantly felt a deep resonance of knowing who and why she is here-- to help individuals and the collective to attaining soul evolution quickly, easily and efficiently. 

    I purchased the programs she recommended and I am very grateful for all I have received! Each program has so much info I’ve never heard before that I can help myself.

    The meditations are phenomenal—deeply transformative!

    Vandana is the ultimate sharer of timeless wisdom and knowledge. She generously and graciously blesses us through her magnanimous joy of being!

    Infinite gratitude, my dear sister!

    - Hilleah- Hawaii 

  • I was wondering - did this just happen?

    "I'm so happy to express my experience in the new Workshop Being Taught by Vandana, Called The Munay- KI 9 Rights of Transformation. This class is very special and sacred and pure. I can feel a holiness from the transmissions and initiations.
    I had so many blessings and visions shown to me during just the first three of the nine rights. I remember when my heart chakra was being worked on with Vandana "blowing on the hands" to receive that 5 Bands Initiations or Transmission - While stopping at the chakra I saw a Red shape Heart come in the front of my body. As if God Source wanted me to be a Witness.
    Previously my heart was so stressed out, from my of all my Childhood 💔 plus Broken-heartedness I have gone through as an Adult also. I felt like the character Humpty Dumpty from the Nursery Rhymes who sat down in this lifetime because I Really had a Great fall.
    All the Spiritual classes that I could afford to go to couldn't put Humpty together Again ❤The Visual of this above is what I witnessed from long Distance Over Zoom class no less !!!
    As she blew her hands while holding the Sacred Stone with the hole in middle, called "Pi-Stone" at long Distance, it looked like a Star Gate opened up behind me at the speed of light.
    It was the ⚓ Anchoring what was prepared for my body from source and white light behind my body as if it was like a torsion field of energy.
    I was wondering 🤔 did this just happen? Omygoodness 👀 So many other blessing anointings have taken place in me, I totally feel like renewed -Like a Real Heart ❤ Transplant was performed in me;
    What a Lifetime waiting for a Blessing like this. I would never have Thought that this was going to Happen for me In this whole life...... " 

    - Radiant Ron

  • All I can say is WOW!

    Vandana is a beautiful being of love. She shares her glorious gifts with great generosity, blessing everyone she connects with, whether it is a free telesummit, her many online programs or private sessions. I discovered one of her Divine Doctoring sessions on a telesummit in 2020. I listened to it a lot as it helped me to get through the dark times of the pandemic. Recently I had the gift of five private 60 minute one on ones with her over ZOOM.  All I can say is WOW! She created a safe space for me to share in a profoundly intimate way and with her magical presence and  magnificent guides supported me in being able to release limiting beliefs, painful habit patterns and trauma, which I know also blessed my family and ancestors.  I will always be eternally grateful that Vandana came into my life.


    With Love and Gratitude


    PS. I forgot to tell you my knee is so much better that I cancelled the MRI I was supposed to have last week. Thanks for your help with that!

  • Thank you Vandana for bringing your healing light to the planet!

    Vandana came into my life at a time when I was getting a lot of spiritual guidance rooted in fear, victimhood and projection. I was in a really traumatized place and was reluctant to work with anyone because I had so many confusing and wounding past experiences. Vandana really helped me change this narrative and reminded me that good healing still exists and I can trust again. I was having difficulty with discernment and information boundaries. With her guidance I was able to start listening to myself again, connect with my feels and focus more on embodiment. She helped me understand that healthy boundaries are important and I'm not "less spiritual" for utilizing them because they help me function better and are actually creating better relationships. My ability to stop entangling with others and discern what is me and what is someone else has greatly improved. She helped me dig myself out of a major hole and heal some deep past wounding. Vandana always created a very safe and supportive space. I always felt comfortable being vulnerable with her and never felt judged. Working with Vandana has really turned my 2022 around and the transformations I've experienced working with her have been profound. Thank you Vandana for bringing your healing light to the planet!"  


    - Much Love, Kai

  • These healing energies are quite deep

    Taking a moment to acknowledge your expertise in this inner-child ancestral healing play. These healing energies are quite deep and continue, even though I was not there live on last week’s call. It’s a beautiful thing! May what you teach/coach be a standard requirement in the curriculum of future grade school classes"

    - Diane L

  • I am so grateful for these meditations

    Aloha Vandana, I am so grateful for these meditations. They have literally been carrying me through the last month. I have listened to them probably 100 times! Blessings & Namaste

    -  Lotus Dove

  • I am grateful what Vandana does

    I can say it was a great program for me, very useful and with many handy tools to stay in my own aura field. Us usual, Vandana brings so much information in a light digestible manner to       absorb the most out of it. And in the replay I get to notice so much more, every replay it deepens to me. I am grateful what Vandana does.

    love you, warm hugs from the light called Elly Blum

  • I highly recommend her online classes and workshops!

    Vandana’s workshops are epic. If you feel frazzled by your life, the news, and this never-ending pandemic. Her virtual classes are a god send. Every time I have participated in them, I feel lighter, clearer, and much calmer. Her energy blasts out the clouds of overwhelm we are all feeling these days. I highly recommend her online classes and workshops!” 

    - Esther, healthcare provide

  • Reiki Gratitude

    "Hi Vandana, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the truly lovely course-thank you! I really enjoyed it, and learned new and interesting things and very useful things that I hadn't learned in my previous reiki course.

    I'm really grateful for your inner earth star activations programs as well. They have been absolutely amazing & really fantastic! I have really enjoyed participating in them and they  have really helped me in every way. I'm feeling much more aligned and happy as a result."

    With Gratitude - Sheridan

  • I was in a deep state of relaxation

    What a blessing it has been to bathe in the rich and radiant light of  Vandana's Reiki Trainings and to meet the divine Reiki masters with  her. Not only did I learn and embody Reiki as my own heart, body, and  light- I also had a healing in my emotional body. Vandana is a  powerful teacher and will cocoon you into the infinity of oneness in her  cosmic classroom and offer you the very guidance/ healing you need. I completed both level I and II with her and felt balanced, accepted, and connected by the journey"

    - Nicole - NJ

  • Vandana's Voice & Presence Are So Calming!

    Thank you for the accelerated light distance healing session! I could feel that the energy started to flow at least 20 minutes before the time we set up for our session and it is still flowing and working on me! It is a very powerful energy that is helping to move heavy / dense energy from my body.

    I´ve always loved your loving, smoothing, nurturing & powerful energy! My being feels embraced by love just listening to your voice... it is so calming. I have many of your audios / activations since you started channeling the amazing Rich healing energies years ago... I keep "RICHING" all the time for powerful clearings! 

    - Maria M - Spain

  • You've earned your PHD as a Soul Healer in this lifetime!

    Dearest Vandana, I listened again to the second half of the session to get more of your  fabulous medicine and it was very healing for me like the second dose of a vaccine. Thank you again for a fabulous session. Your work is definitely PHD for the soul. It’s so needed and effective and magical! You are such a unique healer & a star that deserves to be known for its guidance like the North Star is! 

    - Wafa, Australia

Sweet Vandana - I feel so blessed and grateful to connect to you and your work and would like to share that I received deep healing after the Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Medicine transmission!"

  • Thank you

    Hi Vandana, during one of your sessions I saw the frequency of Kuan Yin inside of you, and during all of your sessions, I sense all these different beings come in you being their divine  channel. Thank you for incarnating on Gaia. Gaia loves you 🌎 And so do we 💓 In the New Earth, which has now begun People will appreciate your offerings even more As they awaken 🎉 Wishing you all the abundance you deserve From the stars

    - Minali, India 

  • My ears fell instantly in love

    When I first heard Vandanas Venusian Voice on an audio, I and my ears fell instantly in love with her Voice: Full of love like a sweet divine celestial perfume, it sounds joyful and playful, throughout the transmission or  activation I bathed in the sound, the words come out in a soothing, soft way. It feels as if my soul or some vulnerable part of me is being  hold by this stream of sounds... words... tones....all are perfectly orchestrated. You can relax into it, feel safe and trust, I feel at home and enjoy the transmisson, the sounds of her voice stay for some time  or days afterwards in your body or ears ... delicious.

    - Ellen R - Germany

  • You are an excellent teacher

    I must tell you, I have thoroughly enjoyed your amazing multi-dimensional mediumship mastery program. You are an excellent teacher and have helped me in countless ways. I am so glad to have the replays to work on all the many tools you brought to us. Sending so many blessings your way.

    - Marilyn, CA

  • Wow wow wowzers!

    I can’t wait for our session tomorrow! OMG-I have been experiencing your Archangelic meditation for the last few days and it is AMAZING! I mean really incredible! I just came out out of today’s listen (my 4th time)  and I was vibrating so much that I decided  to just stay in the vibes and let the energy run. I am super visual so I was taken on a deep deep journey! Wow wow wowzers!

    -GG, CA

  • For me, this is a miracle

    I feel so blessed and grateful to connect to you and your work and would like to share that I received deep healing after the Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Medicine transmission! My wounded and abandoned inner child (FEMALE ANCESTRAL LINE) is now connecting with me and we are going to be a team. For me, this is a miracle and I (and some healers & coaches) have been waiting  for it very long ... I learned to be patient to be humble, I am not the doer, ... to name some of these important soul lessons:)" 

    - Ellen -  Hamburg, Germany 

  • I have seen a huge change in my natural abilities

    "Working with Vandana has truly been a gift! I have done a few private sessions with her and am also in the process of working through a few of her programs. I love her positive energy and sweet nature, she has been immensely helpful in my healing journey. Despite being on the spiritual path for a few years, I have struggled with visualization and feeling connected to the Divine. Since working with Vandana, I have seen a huge change in my natural abilities - my intuition and my mind's eye seem to be clearer than ever! I even got clear visual and auditory  messages from a divine deity and an animal spirit guide - an experience  that I wasn't expecting but am deeply grateful for! Vandana is incredibly knowledgeable and I intend to continue working with and learning from her. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to  strengthen their connection to Spirit, deepen their psychic gifts and heal from current, past life or ancestral trauma. Thank you Vandana! "

    - Vanessa

  • Million thanx, sister

    What a wonderful "Happening" that was, as the cords were  being cut, lots of buzzing/crying/ releasing, the colors were in  brilliant  sync w/ all your prayers, and followed by the lightness, I  actually saw the armor and weaponry falling at my feet. Bless u, Bless u, Bless YOU!  For also being so  generous w/ your time, I have no doubt  we were acquainted, somewhere in  time.  A Million thanx, sister, hope to be able to work w/ u again, xox  

    - Namaste, Dawn W- California

  • It's bringing me back to life

    Dear Vandana, I wasn't sure if I qualified to join your latest Priestess Program but the night before I enrolled, I had a vivid dream of being in a temple and Isis, Thoth and Hathor were ministering to me. I was lying flat on a temple surface in the dream & I felt like I was being brought back to life, and this is what I feel the Priestess Program is doing for me. It's bringing me back to life and helping me remember who I am as a divine being, I feel this program is an  opportunity to heal and tap into a new way of being and expression. Thank you Vandana for creating a healing and nurturing space where ascension is facilitated. I love the Divine Beings being invited to help us be an  expression of our highest self. There’s much love, hope & heart opening! Thank you! 

    - Love, Laura 

  • I highly, highly recommend!

    My experience with Vandana’s courses have been nothing short of  extraordinary!!!  Every time I feel resistance to come up and do the work - I’m reminded how I felt on the previous call: lighter, more focused, like something old and stagnant had released. We are now in a time of accelerated ascension process. The time of the divine feminine to step into power is here. We can longer allow ourselves to have an excuse! For every one of us who remembers who we are means you can light the way for another. We can and should lift each other up! In a time of great change and turmoil, Vandana is this type of healer. The Ancient Wisdom Teachings in these courses are palpable. I highly, highly recommend!

    - Esther, Medical Provider (TCM)

  • Vandana shares knowledge and rituals that can guide you

    When you're ready to get rid of the layers that keep you from manifesting your Divine feminine energy, Vandana shares knowledge and rituals that can guide you to walk a path to deeply reconnect with your true essence

    - Lucia in Holland

  • I just love your recordings

    Dear  Vandana. I just love your recordings & always get your free gifts  when you release them and got a few packages from the global telesummits  you facilitate. The  wonderful thing for me is that your recordings  lead me to sleep !!! I have chronic  insomnia, almost nothing can help, even medication is  tough  with my lack of sleep, so it's great to finally sleep in with a  high  vibrational speech. I can fully listen to them during the day or  let  myself be lulled by them at night. Your hypnotic voice is amazing!"

    - Love, Sylvie

  • I can vouch for her passion, integrity, and sincerity.

    I met Vandana many years ago in a crystal store in the West village of  New York City. We got deeply engaged in a  conversation about planetary  ascension and became friend. After all these years, we are still close  for we care for each other. There is only a hand full of fellow  lightwokers that have consistently remained friend with. Often, people come in your life to mirror a lesson and help  balance karma. Once this  is done, the connection servers. A few remain  for they are fellow  traveler with similar mission. Due to the longevity of our friendship, I can vouch for her passion, integrity, and sincerity. I have watched her grow, evolve, and blossom into the great healer and planetary leader  that she is today."

    - Pierre Dubois, NYC

  • Your Voice Takes Me Straight to Heaven

    Vandana, I'm so grateful for your loving presence in my life. Your voice takes me straight to heaven. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You"

    ~ Maria Sophia Rose

  • A Powerful Training and Lots of Fun

    “I love Vandana’s melodic voice and nurturing energy. I enjoyed playing with her in the Accelerated Light Training. She calls in SO many Divine Beings! This is a powerful training and lots of fun.”

    ~ Brenda

  • Started Writing Again

    “Thank you so much Vandana. I really enjoyed the call and will 

    definitely listen to your recommendations. I started writing right after our call again.”

    ~ Jessica Sarter, NYC

  • I would highly recommend her offering

    I was mesmerized by Vandana’s offerings, she channels highest level guides to clear patterns at the deepest levels, I would highly recommend her offering .”

    ~ Durva Gandhi

  • In a State of Ecstatic Bliss

    Dear Vandana, Thank you so much for this exceptional session!!! I’m still under shock, lying in my bed in a state of ecstatic bliss :::)))  I’m so grateful to you and your sacred team!! - Blessings to you."

    ~ A.P.

  • Beautiful Remote Healing

    Thank you for the beautiful remote healing session. I cried while reading. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

    ~ Michele

  • I Love and Appreciate Your Classes

    Vandana I'm way out there now. I want to tell you how much I love and appreciate you and your Accelerated Light Healing Classes and our Divine Healing Intervention Teams. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Love and Blessings."  

    ~ Katherine

  • You always had my heart

    Hi Bëaûtîfűl,

    Trust this message finds you well. I just wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. 

    I connected/ resonated with you via Lauren Galey's YouTube transmission approx 3yrs ago. Through my journey I have danced with your star vibe. You always had my heart when the world crumbled. When I explain to others  what love/compassion/beauty feels like- I show  them a picture of u and state it's called- Vandana Atara. 'If you ever feel alone and the glare makes it hard to find, Just know that I'm always parallel on the other side. 

    'You're beautiful just the way u are. You don't have to change a thing-The world can change it's heart. 

    - Thank You, Arron T

  • I highly recommend Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies programs

    I just participated in 'Shambhala Earth Star Inter-dimensional Soul Retrieval'. Vandana has exceeded all my hopes for this amazing class. Before starting I was so down with everything that effects my life in a negative way. But I decided to enjoy the class and open myself to receive. 

    Vandana took us on an extended tour of Agartha, Telos, and Shambhala with their Ascended Masters not only to heal our chakras and clear outdated programs, but more importantly to access our Akashic Records. 

    I’ve always been a bit leery of accessing these records because those in the astral plane have been falsified. Our special master Mikos guided and protected us during our realms of discovery. I desperately needed to explore my true Akashic Records deeply to free myself. 

    I felt so peaceful and relaxed during the class. And afterwards I felt hope that one day our world with all her inhabitants will be healed and that I play an important role in this process. I highly recommend Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies programs especially this timely and uplifting class which I will listen to again."

    - Namaste, Katherine NY

  • Thank you for your teachings, channelings and sharing your joy with me!

    Thank you for your teachings, channelings and sharing your joy with me! My empath aspect has got stronger and hopefully with more discernment. 

    I have thoroughly and grace-filledly enjoyed level 2 and have learned so much 🙏

    - Blessings, From Julie In Perth!