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Vandana Light Healing

Ancestral Healing & Karmic Clearing For Hidden Vows & Family Secrets MP3

Ancestral Healing & Karmic Clearing For Hidden Vows & Family Secrets MP3

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Learn the gifts & blessings in your family legacy to re-write your soul destiny!

Would you love to connect with your ancestral wisdom, strengths & gifts so you can receive their blessings, vitality & longevity from your family tree?

We all belong to a tribe that can help us discover our bloodlines magical & miraculous medicine that lives in our cells, blood, bones & DNA.

Now Is Your Golden Opportunity To Connect With Your Ancestral Healing Intervention Team Always Available To Feed Your Soul With Ancient Alchemy & Divine Magic!

Vandana will help you re-map your family tree to heal toxic & dysfunctional family habits, patterns, addictions & behaviors so you & your family members can be happy, healthy & free.

Once you re-map these patterns, your family tree can shift into a healthy & well strong support system to stand with you, love you & always be there for you!

On this trance transmission, you will be introduced to the 'Well Ones', Your Ancient Elder Grandmothers & Grandfathers To Re-Write The Past & Inscribe Your Family Name & Legend Into A New Book Of Life!

Once You Ask For Their Assistance, They Can Help You Uncover & Discover Your 'Family Jewels' & 'Hidden Treasures' Living Inside Your Cells, Atoms & DNA.

Join Vandana in the ancestral realms to re-claim your lost knowledge, ancient alchemy & soul gifts to empower & inspire your visions, passions & purpose in all timelines, galaxies & realities.

Come play with your ancient ancestors to clear old family trauma & heal toxic family karma for you, your lineage & your descendants.

61 minutes
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