Spirit Surgery Session

Experience gentle & non-invasive energy healing from your divine doctors & spirit surgeons in the etheric temples of healing on the inner planes of Shambhalla, off planet & in the Himalayan Temples of healing.
The spiritual root of your physical or emotional imbalance will be identified, re-structured & re aligned with your divine blueprint of radiant health, vitality & well-being.

This Session Helps You To:

- Recover faster from unresolved trauma

- Release negative imprints, implants & miasms

- Remove energetic toxins, parasites & pollutants

- Reduces harmful effects of cords, hooks or blockages

- Retrieves lost or missing soul gifts & personal power

You will also experience:

-Meeting your divine healing spirit doctors

-Etheric Acupuncture

-Spiritual Acupressure

-Soul assigned master healers & divine helpers

-Extraction of non-beneficial plug ins, false light & artificial intelligence

-Retrieval of your original gifts, soul spark, energy & vitality

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