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Vandana Light Healing

Archangel Muriel Attunement For Psychics, Empaths & Sensitive Souls MP3

Archangel Muriel Attunement For Psychics, Empaths & Sensitive Souls MP3

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Meet the patron angel of empaths to awaken to the state of ease, space & grace!

If you are an empath, you feel deeply & may feel over worked or over-whelmed by others energies that drain & deplete you.

If you work with or pray to Angels, Archangel Muriel is your soul guardian that over-lights you to re-claim your energy, re-charge your light & clear energies you've absorbed & stored as a psychic empath.

Archangel Muriel is the archangel of intuition & empathic people!

Archangel Muriel name means 'God’s Perfume' & can help you to trust, develop & strengthen your empathic gifts to heal yourself & all of humanity!

A gentle and compassionate archangel, Muriel comes to the aid of all who call upon her to release negativity & intensity that block your light!

She is known to form a special connection with those who are empathic or those who struggle with their emotions.

Muriel is a female angel who wears a flowered crown & when she is near, you may smell the sweet aroma of roses.

Archangel Muriel is the patron of empaths and those who are highly intuitive.

When you connect with her, she will help you to trust your telepathy & develop your psychic empathy with ease & grace!

Archangel Muriel is part of an order of second sphere angels known as The Dominions.

On this call, the Angel Of Empathy & Telepathy will help you:
  • Release physical, cellular & soul blockages 
  • Clears limiting thoughts & false beliefs
  • Heal cellular memories in your emotional bodies
  • Cleanse your auric field of stuck density & astral entities
  • Ground your gifts in the physical world

Muriel watches over all sensitive souls to:
  • Raise Your Vibrational Awareness
  • Trust & Strengthen Your Intuition
  • Enhance Your Magical Alchemy & Telepathy
  • Embody Spiritual Discernment In Your Relationships
  • Clear & Heal Your Emotional Bodies
  • Empower & Inspire Your True Identity
  • Release Others Energies & Entities That Do Not Serve You
  • Feel Whole & Complete Just As You Are

Her energy is very sparkly, gentle, soft & playful.

Her soul color is pink.

She over-lights you so you may feel completely comfortable in your own skin.

This Archangel Muriel Attunement will help you call back 100% of your soul light, vibrancy & vitality!

You will experience what it looks & feels like to:
  • Detach from your past/future mind
  • Dissolve empathic imprints, implants & attachments
  • Re-charge your soul light & spark of divinity 
  • Discover how your empathy & sensitivity can help & heal others
  • To love & accept what sets you apart from others
  • Clear your fear of being judged, different or not belonging in this world

Guided by Archangel Muriel & the pyramids of light, you will journey within to heal & harmonize your Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine & Christed Child in all of your lifetimes, timelines, galaxies & realities.

Vandana invites you to meet Archangel Muriel & Your Guardian Angels To Re-Heal Your Soul Sensitivity & Master Your Soul Destiny!!!

Learn how to invoke Archangel Muriels stone of love, kindness, compassion & forgiveness for yourself & your loved ones!

98 minutes

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