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Vandana Light Healing

Astral Karma Cleanse For Empaths, Starseeds & Sensitives MP3

Astral Karma Cleanse For Empaths, Starseeds & Sensitives MP3

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Come play in the stars & receive gentle yet profound karmic clearing to release negative energies & astral entities you've absorbed from other people, places & spaces from the Galactic Doctors of the Universe!

The Arcturian Medical Team are experts at extracting astral implants & timeline trauma from your bio-field, nervous system & electrical bodies that you unconsciously absorbed (like a sponge) from astral soul journeys between lives & in this one that are holding you back, keeping you stuck & locked in fear, lack & survival mode.

These advanced laser light healing techniques use 9D technology to awaken your spiritual identity & 5D telepathy to help you:
  • Speak Your Truth 
  • Activate Hidden Gifts
  • Recognize What Is Yours & What Is Not
  • Release Others Energies Still Affecting You
  • Attract Your 5D Soul Family
  • Strengthen Your Inner & Outer Light
  • Expand Into The State Of Ease, Peace & Grace
This Galactivation is soulfully designed for sensitives, creatives, & starseeds to make it easier & faster to transmute 3D-4D frequencies into 5D ease, peace & grace!

As Light workers, Empaths & Clairsentient Souls (Deep Feelers), you are especially vulnerable to external influences & interferences from tribal consciousness & collective chaos playing out in this reality or even off planet.

In This Accelerated Arcturian Ascension Activation, You Will Experience:
  • A Quantum Prescription On How To Self-Heal & Care For Your Ascending Light Body 
  • Greater Flow & Flexibility In Your Physical Bodies
  • Expanded States Of Peace & Soul Presence In Your Emotional Bodies
  • Spiritual DNA Upgrades & Updates In Your Crystalline Templates & Soul Selves
  • Deeper Connection To Your Galactic Gifts & Ancestral Star Lineage
  • Vibrational Support In Your Personal & Planetary Ascension Process 
  • Increased Levels Of Joy, Bliss & Ease In Your Bodies, In Your Field & In Your Nervous System
  • Emergency Medical Care For You & Your Loved Ones
Join the Arcturian Medical Team (AMAS) On This Divine Light Healing Galactivation Outside Of Time & Space!

100 minutes
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