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Vandana Light Healing

Arcturian Healing & Karma Clearing For Stress, Anxiety & Timeline Trauma

Arcturian Healing & Karma Clearing For Stress, Anxiety & Timeline Trauma

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As Starseeds, Empaths & Blue Ray Beings, you may be carrying negative energies & cellular memories of quantum entanglements with negative ETS or Star Races that created galactic trauma, soul loss & disempowerment.

The Arcturian Medical Assistants (AMA) better known as 'the doctors of the universe' will be making a special 'house call' to those that are 'called' to receive healing elixirs, star medicine & vibrational upgrades to heal & repair your nervous system & electrical light body.

These 9th Dimensional Diamond Star Beings are experts at deleting old programs to amplify your frequency & transmute stress, anxiety & trauma with their advanced master healing skills.

When you say yes, they will heal & harmonize your electrical bodies, nervous systems & energy fields in their healing capsules & your very own pod of womb like light.

They come when you ask to heal your multi-dimensional selves of stress, struggle & over-whelm you are carrying & storing from your galactic ancestors in your planetary DNA & star lineage.

The Arcturian Emissaries Of Light have volunteered to OVER-LIGHT you with their master healing energies, advanced laser light technology & their lovingly high vibration so you can remember who you are, reclaim your soul gifts & speak your truth with ease & grace.

Many of you are experiencing a starseed re-awakening as you do your best to keep up with the accelerated ascension energies & magnetic earth shifts but need vibrational support & divine doctoring to clear karmic distortions, negative energies & fear programming.

If you are reading this & this information feels familiar & resonates, you or your ancient ancestors may be from Arcturus or may share Pleidean/Sirian/Andromedan or Lyran DNA.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Beings Of Light are here to:
  • Ease your ascension symptoms
  • Clear inter-dimensional timeline trauma
  • Repair Damaged DNA
  • Raise your vibrational frequency
  • Re-Calibrate your nervous system & electrical light body
  • Re-Adjust your bio-field to hold more light
  • Create more ease, space & flow in your physicality
Attract new earth abundance, support & clarity on your true path!

You will select a 'troubled spot' to heal with divine light codes, crystal geometry & celestial color therapies & divine intervention from you soul assigned team of divine doctors & spirit surgeons outside of time & space!

Unlike 3D medical care, you will experience 9D loving, gentle, compassionate & non-invasive energy processes to extract stress, anxiety & over-whelm with laser light technology & cosmic color therapies only available in the quantum realms & inner cities of light.

You will also be assigned a specific soul color to envision & use for continuous self-healing, rapid recovery & accelerated post care to heal & seal rips or tears in your chakras, systems & fields with Soothing Seraphim Salve & Celestial Light Intelligence.

You Galactic Medical Team Will Dissolve The Root Cause Of Pain, Stress & Anxiety From:
  • Your outer physical body
  • Your inner astral (emotional) body 
  • Your inner causal (karmic) body 
  • Your inner mental (thought) body 
  • Your inner etheric (intuitive) body 
  • Your inner Soul body &Your physical (outer) body
This Trauma Timeline Transmission frees you from past & parallel stress, anxiety & survival timelines so you can thrive on your accelerated ascension abundance timeline of truth, transparency & authenticity.

Be prepared to beam up, lift off & experience advanced healing techniques on the Arcturian light ships from the asteroid belt at the galactic core, the milky way & the great central sun to help you make the shift out of 3D fear into 5D LOVE!

Join Your Star Families, Pleidean/Sirian Ancestors & Arcturian Galactic Doctors To:
  • Activate Your Christed Crystalline DNA Templates
  • Awaken Your Ascended Chakra Systems
  • Repair Your Cells, Atoms & Electromagnetic Field
  • Heal & Seal Rips, Tears & Invasive Energies In Your Auric Astral Bodies
  • Awaken To Your Star Mission & Soul Gifts So You Can Finally Be Of Service
  • Raise Your Vibration To 5D Embody Ease, Peace & Space
  • Transmute 3D Fear, Lack & Scarcity Into 5D Oneness, Unity & Community
To Experience The Arcturian Healing Pod Activations & Laser Light Healing Technology, All You Need To Do Is Say YES!!!!!

Your Starship Awaits!!!

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