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Billionaire Chakra Activation

Billionaire Chakra Activation

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Greetings 5D Abundant Goddess,

Ground Into Your Billionaire Earth Star Chakra If You Are:

  • Financially Or Emotionally Unstable
  • Struggling To Create & Manifest 5D Abundance
  • Willing To Clear Ancestrally Inherited Poverty Programs
  • Feeling Stuck & Trapped In A Job That You've Outgrown
  • Barely Managing To Pay Your Bills & Live In Survival Mode


Clearing & Activating Your Earth Star Chakra Allows You To:

  • Feel Safe, Strong & Supported In Your Lower Chakras
  • Manifest What Your Nervous System Needs To Recover From Trauma
  • Become A Vibrational Match To The Schumann Magnetic Resonance Of Earth
  • Become A Generator, Contributor & Divine Human Money Magnet
  • Receive Passive Income From Your Intuitive Gifts Even While You’re Sleeping


Relax, Regulate & Re-Set Your Hypervigilant Nervous System Where You Will:

  • Recover From Lifetimes Of Survival Stress In The Temple Of Rest & Rejuvenation
  • Experience A Taste Of Vibrational Earth Healing Remedies In Shambhalla's Pharmacies
  • Attune To Your Royal & Self-Sufficient Earth Ancestors Who Never Lacked Or Lost Anything
  • Re-Write Past Life Earth Poverty Contracts & Create Prosperity Contracts To Feel Rich, Vibrant & Worthy
  • Retrieve Your Prosperous Power Parts & Psychic Gifts You Lost Or Gave Away In Ancient Atlantis

Experience The Peace, Pleasure & Spacious Sensations On Your Path To Becoming A 5D Goddess, Potent Priestess & Magical Multi-Dimensional Billionairess!


 Client Testimonial:

The Billionaire Chakra Activation Program Was Super Powerful!

For me the very POWERFUL Billionaire chakra activation that Vandana facilitated with all the light beings was an integration of 10 years of being part of the “One Billion Rising” movement that Eve Ensler of the “Vagina Monologue’s” founded.

Throughout the activation I was fully anchored in my body and allowed my sacred body to be a vessel of love and sovereignty for all the 9 Billion sentient beings in this beautiful planet 🌎 earth.

When you do this activation you are consciously connecting to the morphogenetic field of millions of people around the world who have danced for sovereignty with the “Break The Chain” song part of the one billion rising movement.

When I activated my billionaire chakra, I was rooting even deeper into my soul power to co-create the New Earth and feel greater confidence to take that next soul-aligned step. I am inviting you who is reading this testimonial to rise in joyful sovereignty.

The time is now for us to take up our unique space here on Earth and shine our bright light in whatever way we choose.

So come on people let’s all be billionaires in light training…. Imagine all the philanthropy projects that can bloom with lots of cash flow. Money is ready! Are you, joining us?”

Tania La’Tei’Na’hah Susheila ✨

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