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Vandana Light Healing

Candle Flame & Egg Cleanse Reading - Zoom Seesion

Candle Flame & Egg Cleanse Reading - Zoom Seesion

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In Ancient Times, Shamans used & still use candles & eggs for divination & scrying to scan the body and melt cords, attachments, heavy energy & disruptions in the auric field & chakra system that may harm or block the flow of life force energy.

In this cleansing session, I will read your energy with either a candle or an egg to absorb & remove negativity or environmental toxins from exposure to people, places & situations that you may have taken home with you that seem to drain you or zap your energy.

This intuitive reading will allow you to make positive changes in your life & protect you from energy drainers so you can shine your light, feel your best & strengthen your boundaries in your closest relationships as a highly sensitive empath.

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