Collection: Accelerated Light Soul Shadow Healing Journey

Accelerated Light Soul Shadow Healing Journey

Do you feel exhausted, drained & depleted some or most of the time?

It could be because the burden & pain of hiding your shadows has become unbearable.

What if it can feel safer & easier to unmask your false selves that hold you back from experiencing the life of your dreams?

Yes, this is possible & if you're reading these words, you are ready to be held in the field of unconditional love which is who you are & why you're here!

All shadow is the lack of light but when we're willing to love our shadows, they can return to the light they originally once were.

Shadow work is sacred & self-inquiry takes courage to be honest with ourselves & accept our strengths & weaknesses with love & compassion.

It's ok to face your hidden shadows, accept their presence & stop judging them. This involves being consciously aware that you hold shadow energy & you can shine your light on your shadow to set them free.

Only when you accept your shadow, you take responsibility for your life & are no longer a victim. You recognize that everything in your external world is a direct mirror of what is being shown to you from within.

Your Shadows are the parts of you kept hidden in the dark and out of your everyday conscious awareness. These parts of you can often keep you stuck, blocked & frozen in time.

To demand change takes courage but once you do… watch out for BIG CHANGES & MIRACLES to show up as if by magic!

According to Carl Jung, your shadow energies were disowned & suppressed to survive & stay safe. Your Shadows includes your deepest fears, shames, regrets, judgments, core beliefs, contracts/vows, promises, and agreements you've made with yourself and others, as well as your magical knowing, wisdom, beauty, & your sacred and divine self. It's the aspect of ourselves that we hide or deny because we judge it.

Healing and embracing your Shadow unlocks buried feelings & brings them to the surface to be loved, honored & fully integrated into the entirety of you.
This sacred & important work allows you to identify, heal and reclaim those lost aspects you lost or gave away. 

When you acknowledge, befriend and embrace your soul shadows, you can then shine the light of your own awareness on those parts of you that you judge as unlovable or unworthy.

The goal of working with the shadow is to integrate and come to know everything about us we've attempted to hide or run from.

When you fearlessly work with your shadows, you reclaim the projections you put on others turn inward and begin to gently listen to & re-parent your own inner child.

By facing the shadow side, you begin to shine the light of love & self-acceptance into the darkest spaces & places within.

When you can truly love, accept, honor, and acknowledge your personal shadows, only then can you love the collective shadow & remember that everyone and everything is a mirror and reflection of us.

Shadow work can feel more like shadow play when you practice loving kindness to heal your shadows!

All mp3s are infused with accelerated light & divine love to help you move out of the dark night of the soul & return to love.

Each soul shadow healing transmission helps you to:

 1. Explore your negative patterns and look for those deep-rooted reasons for these patterns.

 2. Acknowledge the challenges & adversities you've experienced as a gift & messenger to embrace shadow aspects of yourself.

 3. Communicate with your higher self, spirit and/or spiritual guides to reveal those aspects that affect your life that you are not seeing, ignoring, or resisting. 

4. Focus on your Shadow rather than what needs to be changed from within, in the world or in others.

The messages we receive growing up may sound like "there is something wrong with me. I’m not okay... I’m not lovable... I’m not deserving or I’m unworthy" 

To unpack these lies, loops & stories, I am honored to help you clear & release past conditioning so you can get free of illusion & confusion so we can become clear & perfect channels of the divine.

Your shadows exist to teach you, guide you and gift you the blessing of who you truly are.

Your suppressed hidden feelings long to be heard, felt & integrated with the rest of you & can be harmful if repressed.

When you hold on to & hide your shadows from others, they can create chaos, confusion & trauma that limits you from embodying joy, ease, & grace which is your divine birthright & spiritual inheritance.

Your life can be totally transformed when you make peace with, honor & acknowledge your shadow selves.

When you begin to accept your shadow aspects & divine feminine/masculine wounds, you can accelerate your inner & outer transformation & will no longer have to:

 - Pretend to be someone you’re not

 - Prove you’re good enough

 - Resist who you are

 - Judge your thoughts, feelings, actions or in-actions

 - Over-react & act out in your relationship dynamics

 - Live in a perpetual state of fear

- Seek approval from others

You have the freedom to create the life you have always desired once you honor everything about you that deserves to be loved, held, nurtured, supported & appreciated - Everything that makes you so special, unique, & amazing!!!

In this soul shadow healing package, you will uncover the part of our unconscious mind known as the persona (our social masks) that strive to be liked & approved of as well as our shadow self-archetype representing wildness, chaos & the unknown that contains our greatest creation energy. These shadow aspects separate us from our basic natural instincts. They consist of our repressed ideas, impulses, weaknesses, desires, perversions and embarrassing fears.

 When you repress who you are, it creates one of the biggest blocks to self-love & self-acceptance.

In this Shadow Illumination Exploration, you will learn consciously creative techniques on how to honor and become multi-dimensionally aware of who you are & why you're here from a space of neutrality & non-judgment.

 When you acknowledge your shadow side, you no longer are triggered, over react or act out in passive aggressive ways.

This Accelerated Light Soul Healing Program Helps You Merge Your Shadow Into Light So You Can Easily & Effortlessly:

- Identify and healing your core wounds

- Heal unresolved anger, fear, shame, guilt, and other difficult emotions

- Understand how your shadow influences those around you, often beyond conscious awareness

You will learn easy to follow guided practices, meditations, and exercises to heal your relationships, money flows, creative projects, and every area of your life.
Additional benefits of healing your shadows include:

- Becoming emotionally intelligent by be-friending your shadow

- Relating wisely to shame, guilt & secret agendas

- Ending your suffering by entering your pain

- Freeing yourself from your inner critic, judge & saboteur

- Fearlessly facing & accepting your feelings & emotions

- Transforming old wounds into life changing opportunities

- Feeling safe, whole & happy just as you are

- Accepting your positive & negative shadows with courage & compassion

Lie back & listen to the sacred soothing sounds of Vandana's voice as she takes you on a hypnotic & euphoric journey to help you own, heal & honor your shadow selves.

Each healing track safely & gently helps you unpack hidden shadows into the light so you can heal the past & retrieve your personal power in all timelines, lifetimes & dimensions.

Listen once or as guided in a quiet & distraction free space to unlock blocks, suppressed shame & unworthiness vows you've inherited from your family karma & ancestral trauma.

Each sacred journey dissolves layers of stress & struggle to expose the root of your truth so you can love & accept yourself just as you are.