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Vandana Light Healing

Accelerated Light Shadow Healing Program

Accelerated Light Shadow Healing Program

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In This Shadow Illumination Exploration Program, you will learn how to use alchemical healing tools, techniques, & cosmic clearing codes to love, accept & honor both your inner light & inner shadows vibrating in your cells, chakras & DNA.

Feel safe to reveal your True Nature to stop hiding , pretending & denying who you truly are!

This  Shadow Light Playshop allows you to consciously & intentionally honor your Shadows, Social Masks & False Identities that once served & supported you but no longer do.

In fact, you have outgrown your old masks that once made you feel liked, loved & approved but now are suppressing & diminishing the most authentic & true parts of you.

These sacred processes will help you awaken from the spells cast upon you so you can manifest your dreams, visions & hearts desires to:

– Identify, heal & reveal your core wounds imprinted in your cells, muscle memories & DNA

– Heal undigested stuffed & suppressed stress that drains your life force energy & creativity

– Inner-Stand how your shadow selves keep you feeling stuck, small & triggered

Each class contains accelerated shadow light processes,  practices & activations to heal your inner child & live a more authentic, fulfilling & phenomenal life!

When you heal the relationship with your inner wounded selves, you can more easily connect with your higher self, I AM Presence & your divinely perfected immortal soul.

Integrating your inner dual nature requires courage, confidence & fearlessness so please know you are not alone.

This 5 week sacred soul journey allows you to set your own shadows free so you have more clarity, energy & vitality to become free of burdens, blocks & heaviness you hold, carry & bury deep within you.

You Deserve To Heal Old Wounds By Loving Your Shadows Free So You Can:

– Become More Gentle, Forgiving &  Intimate With Your Inner Shadows

– Forgive & Release Yourself & Others In All Timelines & Lifetimes

– Feel Safe To Explore Your Inner Most Feelings

- Witness your wounded selves, victim archetype & your inner bully

– Inner-Stand How Your Shadow Selves Have Protected You

– Honor The Important Soul Role That Your Inner Critic, Judge & Perfectionist Play

– Transmute  Self-Blame  Into Self Love To Merge Your Light With Your Shadow Selves

The Acceleraed Light Healing Program Includes:

- Five 2 Hour Class Instructions, Clearings & Activations

- Printable PDF Processes To Practice Shadow Healing On Yourself & Others

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