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Vandana Light Healing

White Tara Womb Purification Transmission - For Health, Long Life & Limitless Energy

White Tara Womb Purification Transmission - For Health, Long Life & Limitless Energy

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I Invite You To Experience The Multi-Colored, Multi-Cultural & Multi-Dimensional Protection Transmission With Goddess White Tara, The Divine Feminine Shape Shifter That Offers You White, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue & Green Energy Medicine.

White Taras Feminine Medicine Frees Us Of Karmic Birth, Old Age, Death & Re-Birth To Liberate Us From The Beginningless & Endless Cycles Of Samsara To End Suffering & Help Us Embody Our Original State Of Divine Enlightenment. 

Join Me To Receive White Lotus Blessings & Swift Healing Protection To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency, Boost Your Spiritual Immunity & Heal Lifetimes Of Wounded Femininity With The First Original Female Buddha.

If You Haven't Met White Tara, Her Name Means Noble Friend Made Of Pure Air & Bright Stars Who Is Able To Instantly See You, Save You & Soothe You As Your Ancient Celestial Star Mother of all Medicine Buddhas.

She is the perfect embodiment of graceful power, wisdom, and purity who is your eternal Mother, Mare (Master), Healer, Consoler & Power Protector.

I Am Honored To Introduce You To Your Mother Goddess White Tara, The Protector, Enlightener & Soul Soother Who Awakens Your Spirit Eyes So You May Instantly See Through Lower Veils of Illusion, Confusion & Delusion. 

Your Noble Faithful Mother Goddess Tara Is A Medicine Buddha Who Chose To Be Born In The Pure Form Of A Female Body To Be Relieve From Inner Doubt, Darkness & All Obstacles To Reach The State Of Nirvana, Samadhi & 5D Enlightenment. 

As with Taras 21 expressions in the other five colors, the vibrations of her white color express her pure & pristine purity, Motherhood & Good Will to relieve suffering from the hearts & souls of all sentient beings.

When You Enter her Opalescent White Temple Of Crystal Clear Clarity, She Emits The Highest Light Frequency To Dissolve Heart Walls, Unlock Fear Blocks & Melt Masks Of Maya Illusion That Create The Dense Debris Of Heaviness, Weakness & Chaos.

In this Divine Feminine Protection Transmission, You Will Learn How To Praise All 21 Versions Of Her Though Her Seven Omnipotent Eyes That Always Over-See & Over-Light You Through The Eyes In Her Lotus Heart, Hands & Feet.

White Tara has vowed to be born as a woman in all her lifetimes as the first Feminist to Usher In The Return & Re-Emergence Of Divine Mother Wisdom, Presence & Emotional Intelligence. 

I'm Excited To Invite You To Experience Taras Gentle Yet Powerful Lotus Hearted Compassion Which Contain Her Limitless Red, Blue , Green, Yellow & Black Tara Multi-Colored & Multi-Dimensional Mother Medicine.

Come Play With White Tara as she seats you on her lotus petalled dharma flower with the soles of her feet pointing upward (diamond lotus). Her left hand is in the protective, no fear mudra, and her right-hand makes the compassion and wish-granting mudra. 

When You say Yes, You will be invited into her sacred womb cave to be re-birthed with blue lotus flowers, white roses & sweet perfumed waters as a heart offering as a gift & baptismal blessing to liberate you from the three lower worlds of needless stress, struggle & suffering. 

As we call upon Tara, she immediately sees us, swiftly stands by us & surrounds us with the purest whitest light of limitless protection to liberate us from inherited soul sickness & ancestral spiritual illness from the Mothers that gave birth to us.

Come join the Female Buddha Tara & Genderless Boddhisatva Avalokitesvara in their divine palace, paradise & turquoise waterfalls of Potalka & be empowered with the Medicine Of Tara/Astarte/Aphrodite & The MA-RAY Frequency of Shakti, Shekinah & Sophia Feminine Mastery.

Soak, Swim & Float In Streams Of Serenity, Oceanic Tranquility & Seas Of Safety To Heal, Help & Save You From Turbulence, Resistance & Chaos That Can Doubtlessly & Definitely Heal, Save & Empower You!


Meet & Merge With White Tara, The Goddess Of Peace, Protection & Long Life To Thank Her, Serenade Her & Praise Her With Tare Tuttare Ture Soha Mantra!


Class Replay - MP3 and MP4 - 144 min

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