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Vandana Light Healing

White Raven Crown Chakra Medicine Cleanse

White Raven Crown Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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Power Animal Medicine For Sudden Change. Life Transitions & Over-Coming Obstacles

Did you know that having the Raven as your guide & companion can help you to speak with & hear the voices & messages from your loved ones & spirit guides on the other side?

And with Halloween fast approaching when the veils are thinner, It's much easier to manifest your Dreams, Visions & experience magical & miraculous synchronicities with your white & black raven by your side.

As a talking bird, when the raven becomes your power ally, life is no longer a mystery & you can create, transform & have instant access to your cosmic minds knowledge, psychic gifts & multidimensional mediumship.

The Raven is a long-distance healer, psychopomp (soul escort) and is known as the “keeper of secrets,” who guides you to how you can reveal the truth behind every secret you've ever been told & prepare you for the great changes ahead of you in these potentially challenging times.

If your mind feels like it's outside of your body or your thoughts are scattered everything so you constantly live in a state of fear, join me to embody a calm state of mind with A Raven Medicine Crown Chakra Cleanse to trust your intuition, recognize good omens & work your magic so your inner shaman can awaken!

I invite you to rekindle your ancestral wisdom, trust your intuition, discover your pure intentions & journey to the star sirius bird kingdom with the rare white & clever black raven trickster-shapeshifter-truth teller guardian to free your mind of distorted thinking & recognize that things aren't the way they always appear to be!

Having The White Albino Raven As Your Totem Spirit Guide Crown Chakra Guardian Can Help:

  • Connect & Communicate with your enlightened ancestors & deceased loved ones
  • Channel life changing messages, omens & signs from beyond the veil
  • Align with the cosmic mind of wisdom, transformation & the heart of inspiration
  • Unravel the hard wired mental looping systems that won't allow you to sleep at night
  • Forge new neural pathways to regain your natural state of peace, calm & well-being

Experience The Shape Shifting Medicine Of White & Black Raven To: 

  • Support you through sudden transitions & transformation to regulate your nervous system
  • Break Through Old Mental Habits, Obstacles & Thoughts That Make You Suffer
  • Clear mental blocks, brain fog, negative thinking & spells of maya illusion
  • Transform negative thought forms & lack mind sets you learned from your birth family
  • Learn How To Spot Tricksters & Pranksters To Clearly Reveal The Truth Of Everything

Join Me To Receive White Raven Blessings & Black Raven Wisdom From The Most Magical Bird Totem In The Entire Bird Kingdom!

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 124min - 10 Documents

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