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Vandana Light Healing

Visshudha Throat Chakra Detox

Visshudha Throat Chakra Detox

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Greetings Throat Chakra Goddess, 

In this vocal & verbal throat chakra expansion transmission, you’ll have the opportunity to unwind vocal cord knots, fear of speaking out & release vows of divine feminine oppression, suppression & disempowerment that cause you to freeze, fight, flight, or feel unsafe to speak your truth. 

Join me in a safe & supportive sacred heart space to find your voice, sing you soul song & express your creativity so it’s easy to connect & communicate with your throat chakra allies & archetypes starting with Maria Sakapana the wind chakra communication Goddess from the high plains of the Andes, your celestial swan star from the constellation cygnus & Angel Celestina, the throat chakra specialist who supports you to dissolve & melt stuck & sticky cellular imprints & reminds you that you have the power to unravel stress, congestion, suppression & muscular tension from your throat, back of the neck bronchial tubes & vocal cords. 

When your Visshudha Throat Center is healthy, spacious & open, it’s easier to speak honestly, express your feelings, breathe deeply & listen deeply & trust the voice of you higher self wisdom and crystal clear intuition. 

But when your Visshudha Throat Center is blocked, you may find your voice frozen, hidden & unwilling to share an opinion because the voice of your inner child silenced, suppressed, punished or misunderstood. 

I'm excited to attune you to the lapis lazuli blue turquoise cool & calming “ease of expression” frequency to heal the fear of speaking publicly, withholding what you need & connecting with the voices of your angels, power animals & the goddess of the winds of change to help you feel safe to use your voice as a divine instrument of peace & clear channel of light language. 

As your Visshudha Chakra Detox Facilitator, I invite you to loosen, open & unravel throat chakra armor passed on by your bloodline that show up as sore throats, laryngitis, mouth ulcers, hoarseness, thyroid imbalances, dental issues, frequency headaches, neck stiffness & the inability to speak from your heart naturally, organically & spontaneously in any situation especially when you know that other people are listening.

During our precious time together, I will attune you to 3 songstress allies who are reflections of you so you can remember what the tone, pitch & vibration of your original soul voice sounds like & you can sing loud & sing proud with ease, elegance, courage & confidence. 

When you say yes, you will be able to re-set your frozen, fearful & frazzled nervous system so you can release “happy hormones” of oxytocin so you can rest, relax, digest & embody the energy of ease, flow, fluidity & harmonious resonance so you can say what you mean, mean what you say & speak from your heart with loving kindness, compassion & healthy creative inspired expression. 

If you’re ready to unzip the burden & pressure withholding, stuffing & swallowing your inner most vulnerable feelings, I’m honored to guide you to the very first timeline where your voice became hidden so you can release the stress, worry & social anxiety that holds you back from being heard, hearing your soul voice, speaking & listening with honesty, integrity & speaking freely without over-thinking. 

Please bring a journal, a candle, smudging feather or fan & a turquoise crystal to move lifetimes of heavy energy that drain & leak your life force energy & be spoon fed the elixir of honey nectar amrita to clear pent up tension & miasmic mucous from years of having to swallow, hide & bury your tears, joy & tender feelings. 

This Throat Chakra Detox Cleanse Is Perfect For You If You Struggle With: 

  • Fear Of Speaking In Public Places
  • Shyness Or Self-Consciousness
  • Experience Debilitating Social Anxiety
  • Chronic sore throats, hoarseness or laryngitis
  • Find It Challenging To Express Your Feelings
  • Holding Back From Expressing Your Creative Gifts
  • Have The Tendency To People Please
  • Feel Unheard, Invisible & Misunderstood Often
  • Feel Unworthy & Suffer From Low Self Esteem
  • Being told that your needs & feelings were unimportant
  • Self-Judgment & Ridicule From Your Inner Critical Parent
  • Healing the lie that your speaking & singing voice isn’t good enough
  • Feeling safer being unheard & unseen to avoid rejection to feel safe & ok
  • Speaking clearly, confidently & trusting your voice to communicate your truth 

When You Join This Throat Chakra Detox Program, You’ll Be Able To; 

  • Speak Up & Out Even When It Feels Uncomfortable
  • Trust Your Natural Instincts To Help You Know Just What To Say
  • Communicate With Clarity, Wisdom & Spiritual Discernment
  • Go With The Flow & Embody Your Authentic Soul Purpose
  • Express Your Creative Side Without Holding Back
  • Becoming Aware Of The Parts Of You Who Dominate Conversations
  • Suffer Less From Chronic Sore Throats, Sinus Infections Or TMJ
  • Stop Over-Thinking, Witholding & Denying Your Feelings
  • Ask For Your Needs To Be Met, Heard, Considered & Appreciated
  • Tighten Your Boundaries To Say No Or Yes When You Really Mean It
  • Talk To Your Inner Child & Inner Teen Lovingly, Kindly & Compassionately
  • Strengthen Your Voice With The Lions Breath, Mantra Chanting & Crystals
  • Boost Your Self-Confidence By Journaling Your Feelings & Daily Affirmations


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 127min - 4 Documents - 15 Charts

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