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Vandana Light Healing

Goddess Cerredwin Grandmother Medicine Incantation Transmission

Goddess Cerredwin Grandmother Medicine Incantation Transmission

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In This more than 2 Hour Divine Doctoring Trance-Mission, Will Meet, Merge & Receive Shape-Shifting White Witch Creatrix Moon Medicine From The Cosmic Cauldron In The Inner Earth Pharmacy & Agarthan Apothecary Of The Heart Of Shambhala.

You Will Drink In The Grounding & Fertile Rich Red Earthy Medicine With The Ancient Welsh Goddess Cerredwin Better Known As A Doula, Prophetess & Power Protectectress Of Herbalogy & Astrology.

Here You Can Receive A Customized Prescription To Heal Your Thoughts & Emotions With Brews, Teas, Plants, Roots & Holistic Herbal Floral Life Saving Remedies From Lady Cerredwin, Earth Walker Mother Ancestor Grandmothers & Shamanic Curanderas Who Assist Her.

Live Class Replay - 143 minutes - MP4 and MP3 - 8 Printable Documents

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