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Vandana Light Healing

Triple Goddess - Holy Trinity - Sacred Heart Attunement MP3

Triple Goddess - Holy Trinity - Sacred Heart Attunement MP3

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Are you ready to Merge With Your Inner Goddess & Step Into Your All Knowing, All Seeing & Omnipotent Goddess True Nature?

You can Navigate the Accelerated Ascension Energies just by being WILLING to say YES to your Divine Feminine Strengths, Intuitive Gifts & Eternal Wisdom & Gently Shift Into A Kinder, Compassionate & Nurturing Mother Earth Vibration In Divine Ease & Divine Grace!

Celebrate & activate your Inner Triple Goddess To Embody Your Young Maiden, Proud Womanhood & Wise Elder Residing In Your Womb Of Light!

On This Live Transmission, You Can Experience the Loving Guidance & Fierce Protection from your Goddess Guardians, High Priestess & Archeias (Divine Feminine Archangels) To Uplift Your Soul, Life Your Spirit & Restore your Childlike Innocence.

I will call in the names of our Goddess Sisterhoods from all cultures, traditions & paths to receive the divine healing intervention, reap the rewards of your hard work & live on your highest soul ascension timeline!!!

As you Spring ahead, you can celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year & step out of Winters darkness into the light of Spring holding the magical alchemy of re-birth, renewal & new beginnings!!!

On This Divine Healing Intervention Call, You Will Meet & Merge With The:
  • Goddess Of Spring
  • Goddess Of The Dawn
  • Goddess Of The Sun 
  • Goddess Of Prosperity
  • Goddess Of The Moon
  • Goddess Of Fertility
  • Goddess Of The Waters
  • And Many More!!!

This Triple Goddess Attunement Will Help You Embody The Divine Goddess Frequency To:
  • Love, Nurture & Worship Your Physicality As A Devotee Of Your Sacred Body Temple
  • Forgive & Release Yourself & Others From Divine Feminine Wounds & Toxic Relationships
  • Attract Infinite Abundance & Prosperity In Your Career, Business & Creative Projects
  • Expand your Magnetic Presence to fulfill your dreams, visions & desires
  • Express Your Soul Gifts, Psychic Abilities & Telepathic Super Heroine Powers 
  • Speak Your Truth With Courage, Clarity & Confidence
  • Give Birth & Re-Birth Inspired Ideas, New Beginnings, & Abundant Blessings As A Living Goddess
  • Create Movement, Flow & Expansion In Every Area Of Your Life
Feel Empowered, Uplifted & Supported On Your Path Of Service

On This Sacred Journey, You Will Visit the Goddess Temple Of Inner Healing, Restoration & Empowerment, Get Prepared To Experience The Ultimate Soul/Body Re-Integration To Be All You Can Be, Do What You Love & Love What You Do!!!

Re-Discover Even More Of Who You Already Are By Merging With The Triple Goddess!!!

The Maiden – Triple Goddess Symbol
The Maiden (young beautiful women) represents the Spring, the Dawn, enchantment, exploration, adventure, inception, expansion, the female principle, the promise of new beginnings, youth, the virgin, excitement, fresh potential, beauty, intelligence & carefree innocence

The Mother – Triple Creatrix Goddess Symbol
The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, fulfillment, stability, patience, nurturing, responsibility, confidence, psychic direction, spiritual awakening, healing, protection, guidance, creation caring, knowledge, fruition, harmony, regenesis, re-birth & renewal

The Crone – Triple Goddess Symbol
The Crone represents the wise medicine woman, the witch, the teacher, the matriarch, maturity, harvesting, resting, finding your path, aging, rest, inspiration, retribution, visions, magic, prophecy, endings, guidance, protection, cycles of death & re-birth & the keeper of the Akashic Records

Join this sacred journey to show you how to truly let go of the old 3D patriarchal wounds, bondage, enslavement, control and separation so you can heal your divine feminine wounds welcoming back home your original feminine essence of kindness, compassion, empowerment & forgiveness to usher in the matriarchal earth of unity & community!!!

The Triple Goddess Collective Portal Is Now Open to Hold A Safe & Sacred Womb Space To Enter The Light Of A New Day & Co-Create Magical Possibilities & Potentialities On Our Golden Gaia Earth Mother!

Come Out & Unleash Your Desires, Ignite Your Passions & Express Your Wild Side With Ease, Space & Grace!

105 minutes
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