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Vandana Light Healing

Thymus High Heart Chakra Empowerment Attunement

Thymus High Heart Chakra Empowerment Attunement

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If your Amta Shakti (divine feminine soul energy) has been shut down, muted or silenced from childhood in your formative years, your sweet soul voice & spiritual heart energy may be blocked, weakened or imbalanced making you feel disconnected from your higher self, Soul Song & Sacred Voice.

The Good News Is You Are Born With 2 Hearts To Double Your Capacity To Give, Receive & Express Your Hearts Voice Mindfully, Authentically, Freely & Lovingly Unconditionally!

The Ancient Egyptian Physicians believed we have a feminine & masculine double heart & when our yin & yang chakras harmoniously merge & align, we become a human bridge to the earth & to the divine.

In Buddhism, the high heart chakra is known as the Dharmakaya or the truth body of our soul essence, unmanifested wisdom & buddha true nature.

It's not too late to release trapped energy, ease your anxiety & accelerate your flow frequency between your mind, throat, heart & vagus nervous system by gently releasing E-Motional (Energy in Motion) with heart opening, cleansing & self-empowering healing processes.

You're invited to this Thymus Heart Chakra Empowerment Attunement to reacquaint you to your inner medicine heart sutra buddha & your team of galactic heart counselors, celestial immunologists & cosmic cardiologists that carry compassionate star medicine to help you embody deep inner peace, harmonious balance & to awaken your inner healer from lifetimes of numbing & joyless heart slumber.

You hold the key to hear & clear your childhood fears to heal lifetimes of shyness, self-consciousness & vocal suppression to unravel suppressed stress, express your feelings & feel safe in the higher heart frequency between your heart & throat chakras.

When your heart says YES I'm excited to personally guide you to open, awaken, cleanse & clear the pollutants that congest the space between your visshudha throat chakra & anahata love chakra so you can fulfill unrealized childhood dreams, express your hearts desires & speak the unspoken words that you've had to repress through the lens of loving kindness, compassion & self-forgiveness.

Come play in a golden safety net to re-discover your Karmic Thymus Heart Chakra known as the Atma Chakra & Seat Of The Soul to restore your hearts worthiness, retrieve your childlike innocence & melt heart walls with the medicine patience, forgiveness & emotional intelligence.

Experience infra-red, laser light & turquoise Reiki color therapy with thymus thump processes, emotionally releasing tapping, mindfulness breathing, creative visualizations & immunity boosting activations to flush out fear of speaking, relating & communicating that may negatively impact past & present relationships.

Learn the thymus heart chakras mantra, mudra, mandala & meditation to shield & protect your heart from negative energies, release less than kind energies & melt heart armor that block your freedom of expression so you can more clearly hear the voice of your inner heart healer.

This 2-hour heart empowerment program will teach you how to recognize when your high heart is out of balance, how to restore flow & how to practice simple mind/body calming processes to:

• boost your immunity

• lower your cortisol levels

• release trapped anxiety

• raise your hearts electromagnetic vibrational frequency

• de-adrenalize your hormonal system from heart exhaustion

• ease heart palpitations, hypertension & strengthen your cardiovascular system

You will also experience a galactic cellular cleansing open heart etheric surgery session to support a stronger immune response, strengthen your endocrine system, dissolve harmful viral imprints & bridge the gap between your emotions, feelings, spoken & unspoken words you speak to yourself or others.

This divine feminine intuitive medicine transmission is over-lit by Goddess Guan Yin, The Venusian Cardiologists, Arcturian Immunologists, Etheric Acupuncturists from Sirius & Galactic Grief Guardians who are specialists in the art of tapping into the 3 major meridians in your endocrine system to balance your blood sugar, strengthen your immune system & awaken your thymus master glands surveillance system.

You deserve to safely unpack stuck, suppressed & swallowed stress to increase your strength, breathe more deeply & live in a heart healthy stress-free mind, heart & body!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 157min - 23 Documents

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