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Vandana Light Healing

Throat Chakra Detox

Throat Chakra Detox

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In this vocal throat chakra unwinding transmission, you can unravel corded knots, fear of speaking out & re-write vows of divine feminine oppression, suppression & disempowerment that make you freeze, fight, flight, or feel unsafe to speak your truth. 

This calming, soothing & relaxing healing  journey helps you find your soul voice & express your creativity with the throat chakra guardians that help you to speak up & express your true self with courage, confidence & elegance.

When your Visshudha Throat Center is healthy, spacious & open, it’s easier to speak from your heart with deeper understanding responding to any conflict with the voice of reason, wisdom & non-violent communication.

When your Visshudha Throat Center is blocked, you may find your voice frozen & filled with fear, tension & muscular contraction especially if you have unspoken vows, agreements & contracts you made with your parents, teachers or adult authority figures as a child that your body remembers that make it  feel unsafe, difficult or terrifying to speak out & sing your soul song.

Listen & watch this safe & supportive healing journey anytime you feel unheard, invisible & find it challenging to deeply listen to your higher self, your I AM Presence & when others engage in conversation with you.

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