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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Third Eye Chakra Detox

Third Eye Chakra Detox

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I’ve created this 3rd eye chakra attunement to help you re-write vows, contracts & commitments that have shut your psychic & telepathic clairvoyance you were born with & re-awaken your gifts as a seer, diviner, scryer & multidimensional medium.

Watch or just listen at home or on the go to activate your intuition, enhance your spiritual vision,  clear veils of self-doubt & tap into your inner wisdom with your 3rd eye chakra guardians, angels, totems, nusta nature spirit allies from Machupicchu & celestial light eye surgeons in a divine intervention healing session to awaken your 20/20 cosmic crystalline clear vision.

If you’ve always desired to open your ajna brow 3rd eye spirit vision, you deserve to receive this divine healing transmission filled with guided meditations, candle flame eye gazing divination, , and practical yet magical exercises to help you become aware of your blind spots & fear of seeing beyond the veil of illusion & 3D confusion to easily see & imagine your life from a higher perspective from every angle, dimension & direction beyond the veil of this holographic reality.

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