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Vandana Light Healing

The Secret Names Of Goddess Isis

The Secret Names Of Goddess Isis

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Divine Feminine Temple Transmission

Come Celebrate The Spring Equinox Resurrection Energies & Re-Birth Your True Identity In The Goddess Isis Temple Of Remembrance & Re-Discovery.

You're Invited To Raise Your Vibration & Learn How To Safely Connect To The Gentle Yet Powerful Temples Of Ancient Egyptian Protection Medicine.

Join Us In Upper Egypt's Philae Temple Of Remembrance & Find Out How You Can Embody The Frequencies Of A New Earth Priestess Creatrix.

This Is A Sacred Opportunity To Begin To Heal Your Divine Femininity By Blending Ancient Egyptian History, Symbology & Spirituality To More Easily Honor Your Beauty, Live Authentically & Fully Embody Your Divine Deity Identity.

Vandana & Wafa come together again to hold a safe space for you & your female ancestors to heal wounds of inter-generational disempowerment in this current timeline of collective grief, instability, uncertainty & loss of freedom.

Our precious time together highlights how you can: 

  • Awaken your Feminine intuition, Creativity & Womb Wisdom
  • Practice Safe & Healthy Boundaries in relationships that drain & leak your energy
  • Call Upon Mother Isis To Help You Feel Safe & Grounded In Your Own Temple Body
  • Find Safe Shelter & Seek Refuge In The Mother House Of The Ancient Eternal Goddess
  • Discover That Isis Was The Patron Of The First Female Alchemical Healing Doctors
  • Sit Proudly In Your Super Goddess Powers With Courage, Confidence & Worthiness

In This Ancient Egyptian Goddess Empowerment Program, you will be gently guided on a 2 hour Trance- Journey To The Mother House Of Goddess Isis.

Join Vandana & Her Soul Sistar Wafa To Experience:

  • A Heart Wings Mending Restoration Intervention
  • An Isis Chakra Cleansing Anointing Session
  • How To Build A Dedicated Altar & Isis Offering Table
  • A Trance-Journey Secret Name Giving Ceremony
  • A Heart Hugging Isis Darshan Protection Blessing
  • An Enthroning & Crowning Ceremonial Ritual

Most of all, you will be able to invoke her energy, chant her name & tone her sound with divine ears to clearly hear the soul whispers of Isis coded in the light language of your soul.

The House Of Life Healing Pharmacy is always open with Divine Feminine Doctors, Doulas & Devotees Of Isis ready to fill your Temple Prescription whenever you feel disempowered or that your Priestess Powers are lost or missing.

I'm excited to share that Wafa is introducing us to an ancient yet new Mantra to Invoke Goddess Isis through her Ancient Egyptian Light Language & Temple Wall Hieroglyphics.

Reclaim your creativity, life force energy & eternal beauty with a new power symbol, sigil, spell or prayer to help you embody the multi-dimensional magic, mystery & mastery with your devoted ancestral Mother Isis.

As A Special Bonus, All Participants Will Be Taken On A Purification Journey To Receive Your Secret Protective Name & Reclaim Your Power Of Powers On The Throne Of Isis.


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 146min - 38 Images and Documents

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