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Vandana Light Healing

Great Jade Healing Temple MP3

Great Jade Healing Temple MP3

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Amplify & Accelerate 6D Ascension Abundance!

The Great Jade Temple is a famous and sacred place where beings from all dimensions on this planet and beyond come for healing. Those of the Light realms who directly assist humanity also come to this temple to cleanse and recharge their energies. It is used by Galactic Beings as well. This healing temple is visited by many civilizations. It is mainly constructed of the purest concentration of Jade.

This divine healing temple is your soul sanctuary to re-charge your energy & be fed by the Love of the Holy Spirit, the Angelic Kingdom and the crystalline light of the Lemurians and Telosians.

The Guardians Of Telos beneath Mount Shasta invite you to burn your fears in the the holy fire & emerald flame to receive cosmic creation codes in your diamond light body. Once you've burned negative karma & survival karma, the emerald green stones, plant medicine & fountains of luminiscent light will bathe your field to become a clean & pure vessel of golden opulence & elegant ease on the new earth.

Your Leumerian & Telosian Guides will awaken & activate your Leumerian DNA & Aloha Spirit to spark ancient memories of your own advanced abilities to attract infinite prosperity, infinite supply & lavish abundance with divine ease & divine grace!

We will journey from your heart to the heart of the Great Jade Temple In Telos & Agartha so you may remember what it feels to feel more grounded, present & alive on the Terra Nova Earth Harmonics.

You will meet the high priest Adama & the Ascened masters from the ancient & peaceful civilizations who live in Agartha & Amenti in the hollow inner earth and central inner sun.

To connect our bodies with Gaias bodies, you will receive a density detox transmission to cleanse & release vows of poverty from your chakras & karmic miasmic imprints of lack, stuckness, struggle & scarcity so you may feel confident & comfortable expressing your value, gifts & soul signature as we ascend into & step through the crystal stargate & portal of planetary prosperity.

This call includes a liquid lava golden light transmission & ruby red root chakra activation to align you with the Terra Nova Earth, nature intelligence, rainforest energy, himalayan salt caves, rose gemmos, colloidal silver, Sequoia tree spirits & earth medicine from the inner earths mineral springs from Mother Gaia, Goddess Sophia & Our 5D Earth Mother Tara.

Experience the radiance of Leumerian Abundance to align with gamma rays & diamond codes of wealth creation from the galactic center to help you balance & heal your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies to trust that when we give, we always receive.

The Diamond & Emerald Green Light Codes Infusion heal you from the inside out with deep cellular memories of living in a Cosmic Paradise & Garden of Love, Harmony and Creation.

You will experience a Magical Magenta and Turquoise Ascension Codes to flow with Golden Gaia as she ascends into the vibration of unity, community, abundance & authenticity.

The Leumerians, Telosians & Crystalline Consciousness Joyfully Anticipate & Look Forward To Serving & Supporting You On Your Long Awaited Soul Mission To Return Once Again To Your Natural State Of Personal & Planetary Prosperity.

112 minutes
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