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Vandana Light Healing

The Blue Rose, Blue Lotus & Blue Ray Healing Attunement MP3

The Blue Rose, Blue Lotus & Blue Ray Healing Attunement MP3

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As an ancient eternal soul, your bodies have played many roles on many earths, galaxies & realities!

The sisterhood of the rose & the order of the blue rose came through in a recent meditation and guided me to attune you to this sweet yet potent frequency to heal your ancient feminine wounds & restore your high priestess powers, authority & sovereignty with ease & grace!

If you are attracted to the color blue, you may have been an adept or initiate in the order of the blue rose or an adept from mystery schools who performed miraculous healings in their lifetimes.

This ancient community devoted all of their time to healing & curing those who were ill.

If you are an energy healer, body worker, coach or counselor & feels familiar or resonates with you, you may have been a healer thousands of years ago!

Join Vandana, The Divine Light Celestials, Angelics & The Divine Healing Intervention Team Assigned To Your Soul At Birth On A Powerful Journey To:
  • Receive higher guidance from your inner teachers, guides & ascended masters
  • Access Your Soul Records, Ancient Scrolls & Book Of Life
  • Re-write your Soul Destiny With Your Conscious Will & Intention
  • Express Your True Spiritual Identity, Who You Are & Why You're Here 
  • Honor & Awaken Your Inner Creatrix, High Priest & Priestess Powers

Take this inner journey into the heart of the Mother Temple, The Blue Lotus Healing Retreat & The Temple Of Sakkara.

There you will be attuned to the rare frequency of the greatly prized Blue Rose.

The order of the blue rose is the path of service, wisdom & awakening of the sacred feminine & when activated, can help you feel safe being of service as we shift into a new earth vibration.

Come receive vibrational support from the source of all love & the heart of infinite creation!

You deserve this and all good things!

May you be happy, at peace & free!

105 minutes
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