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Vandana Light Healing

The Blue Ray - The Lost Ray Of The Light Worker MP3

The Blue Ray - The Lost Ray Of The Light Worker MP3

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Receive divine dispensations from the Blue Ray Light of Creation, Inspiration & 5D Manifestation!

Are you struggling with ascension symptoms & would like your life to be easier, be of service, heal humanity & do what you came here to do?

If you've been experiencing challenges for far too long & are ready to honor, express & own your unique & special gifts, it's not too late!

You've heard about the Indigos Soul Groups & now you can learn about the blue ray beings who are here to help our beloved blue planet evolve & ascend with ease & grace!

Blue rays are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the Goddess frequency of all sentient beings on the 5D new earth vibration!

The blue ray frequency carries the sacred divine feminine of balance and healing to help us all shift out of limitation & into into the heart of pure love & source creation!

If this sounds & feels familiar & resonates, you are one of the blue ray light workers here to shine your light on all who can see & receive you!!!

Many of you have blue auras, are empaths (feel others emotions deeply)& are energetically sensitive souls who carry these sacred feminine star codes & have incarnated to reclaim your creative powers, authority & sovereignty!

If you feel misunderstood, different or alienated here, you may be have galactic roots as a blue ray star being & have volunteered to heal ancient soul scars & ancestral trauma you carry in your multidimensional & planetary DNA.

Taking back your power is the path to ascension!

It is done through the Light of the Sacred Heart!

Receive Your Home Planets Star Medicine & Activate Your Ascension Halo so you can align with the divine & your beloved I AM Presence in this galaxy & reality!

To acknowledge your galactic lineage & activate your divine DNA, Vandana will invoke & invite your holy healing team from the stars!

You will meet & merge with:
  • Archangel Michael & The Karmic Clearing Angels/Archeias
  • Blue Ray Elohim
  • Blue Flame Solar Guardians
  • Legions of the Blue Lightning Angels
  • Might Blue Eagle From Planet Sirius
This Blue ray invocation will assist you to:
  • Awaken your soul purpose and create powers
  • Raise your vibration & expand your light quotient
  • Feel Safe, Supported & Protected
  • Live From Your Heart Space
  • Speak your truth with courage, clarity & confidence
  • Heal pain, stress & addictions 
  • Honor & Acknowledge your Blue Ray Galactic Gifts
Experience the power of the Blue Ray!

106 minutes
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