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Vandana Light Healing

The Arcturian Ascension Light Healing Temple MP3

The Arcturian Ascension Light Healing Temple MP3

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Have you always gazed at the stars as a child & still miss your home planets & star tribes?

Have you often wondered what it would be like to communicate with your Star Guides, Ascended Masters, Devas & Planetary Archangels who love you unconditionally?

Your Galactic Healing Team is always with you & although you cannot see them, they can see your light & feel your love as they overlight you 24/7.

Did you know that you have a Galactic Team of divine medical team assigned to you at birth that volunteer to teach, guide & heal you on all levels & layers of your being in all of your lives?

The Arcturians are peaceful & compassionate beings who use advanced light technology to see through shadows, masks & armor to reveal your own light with ease & grace!

They will visit you in their spaceships when you ask as they respect your free will.

Join Vandana On This Divine Light Galact-Ivation To The Arcturian Healing Chamber off planet & outside of time & space!

The Arcturians Medical Teams specialize in clearing lower densities, negative energies & empathic wounds you've absorbed & stored in your brain & nervous system.

IF you're 'sick & tired' of hiding your Identity & are ready to Embody your Spiritual Identity, then come play in the Stars & Jump Aboard!

You can follow along with Vandana's Emotional (RICH) Clearings to cleanse cellular debris, release stuck energy & create radiant health & well-being OR lie back & receive the changes you've been asking for the Star Medicine Light Infusion to simply LET GO!

The celestial light waves radiate smooth & soft crystal light that will wash over & through you dissolve heart walls, melt attachments, & unlock chakra blocks for you & your Galactic Ancestors.

To receive this divine DNA upgrade, just set the intention to teleport to the Arcturian Councils Cities Of Light & Temples Of Healing to receive an Energy Boost from the Stars!

On this Accelerated Light Divine Healing Intervention Activation, You Will Experience:
  • The Arcturian Healing Temple Of Oxygenation, Regeneration & Rejuvenation
  • A Galactic Ascension Chakra Activation
  • A Cosmic Shamanic Soul Retrieval
  • 9D Laser Light Healing Technology
Your Arcturian Star Brothers & Sisters Star Ships Will Help You To:
  • Activate Your Higher Brain To Experience Greater Clarity & Confidence
  • Awaken & Express Hidden Psychic Star Gifts & Dormant Light Language Abilities
  • Feel More Grounded, Present & Expanded
  • Ascend Without Ascension Symptoms, Pain & Fear
  • Manifest Your Highest Path Of Service On Planet Earth
Step into Your Arcturian Light Ship, Activate Your Light Body & Star Destiny!!!

103 minutes
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