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Vandana Light Healing

Healing For Empaths and Sensitive Souls MP3

Healing For Empaths and Sensitive Souls MP3

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Being an Empath is an extraordinary gift that can help you create, relate & communicate with your soul truth, higher self & soul mastery!

Our feelings are like our children!!!

Are you paying attention to your inner guidance, your inner feelings & your in-tuition OR are you ignoring, denying, resisting & refusing your inner guidance?

This Accelerated Light Frequency Transmission Helps You Identify Your 5D Telepathy & Gives You Permission to spin out & release what is not working with ease & grace!!!

Join Vandana to release stored, buried & trapped energies (E-MOTIONS) you've taken on, no longer being affected or influenced by negative energies you've been exposed to, absorbed or stored in your head, heart or gut!

Join This Accelerated Ascension Activation Call For Empaths To:
  • Activate Your Higher Brain & Cosmic Consciousness
  • Experience What It Feels Like To Trust Your Own Feelings & Emotions
  • Expand Your Intuitive Gifts & Clairsentient Skill Set With Ease & Grace
  • Feel The Presence Of Your Spirit Guides, Angels & Ascended Masters
  • Instantly Identify Your Energies, What Belongs To You & What Doesn't
  • Unlock Cellular Trauma, Suppressed Sorrow & Buried Feelings 
  • Trust Your Empathic Guidance System As A Gift & A Blessing

As a Clair-Sentient Soul, The Ascension Winds are moving you into Trusting your GUT & Honoring your Emotional body's wisdom from your intuitive & open heart space!!!

When you TUNE IN instead of TUNING OUT, you can more easily sense the presence of spirits or entities near or far, when someone is sick or hurt and when someone possesses strong positive or negative energies.

On this call, Vandana Runs R.I.C.H. Accelerator Light Codes to shed density, unlock fear & release doubt so you can integrate & assimilate new information, quantum solutions & magical possibilities as a vessel of pure light & multidimensional awareness!!!

Whether you see, hear, feel or just know what you can Master Your Empathic Feelings, Energy Sensitivities & Deep Emotions as a Gift & A Blessing!

Activate Your 5D Empathy, Telepathy & Ascension Mastery Now!!!

115 minutes

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