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Vandana Light Healing

Telosian Grounding Galactivation - For New Earth Courage, Resiliency & Creativity

Telosian Grounding Galactivation - For New Earth Courage, Resiliency & Creativity

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I'm excited to introduce you to the inner earth pharmacies, dispensaries & multidimensional medical facilities of Telos, Agartha & Leumeria for an energizing, revitalizing & life affirming spiritual retreat of a lifetime!

isit your library of ancient, ancestral & indigenous earth tablets, records & contracts to reclaim your true soul identity with clarity, integrity & 5D intentional authenticity.

Meet the New Reality Reconstructionists, Timeline Transmuters & Inner Earth Re-Birthers to receive magical, alchemical yet practical guidance to ground you here & become crystal clear on why you're here & the galactic gifts you're here to share.

Here you will uncover & discover the buried blessings, treasures & riches on your return to the Garden of Eden where all medicine, magic & miracles are always available.

If it feels unsafe to embody 3D density, come take refuge with me into your soul spa sanctuary & your home away from home to rest, digest & process empathic telepathic energies, memories & mismatched frequencies on top of Mt Shasta, Sumeru, Eagles Peak & the Himalayan Retreat of Chananda.

When You Say YES, You Will Receive: 

  • An Elemental Protection Mantra To Connect & Communicate With The Ancient Earth Doctors
  • A Root Grounding & Heart Opening Purification Process
  • A Buddhist Light Infusion From The 4 Earth Watchers & Ascended Master Boddhisatvas
  • An Inter-Dimensional DNA Galactivation For Old Timeline Closure, Resolution & 3D Completion
  • A Divine Re-Union With The Blessed Lord Adama, Saint Mikos & Sistar Rosalia From Below You

You deserve to break the spell of delusion & confusion & walk in beauty, safety & stability on the Holy Grail & supportive earth that feeds, nurtures & sustain us.

If you would like to learn how you can make empowered choices to support the evolution of humanity, then join Me in the 1st Telosian, Agarthan & Leumerian Light Trance-Mission In The Subterranean Cities Beneath Mt. Shasta & Within Mt. Meru & The Inner Realms Of Shambhala, ShangriLa & Nirvana.

Experience a long awaited sacred earth re-union with Lord Adama, Mikos, Rosalia in the halls of Amenti to restore your purity, beauty, tenacity & goodness as a divinely perfected cosmic creatrix on the earth but made of stars.

You are invited to take a magical mystery tour to the heart of the inner sun within the womb of crystal caves, healing ashrams, timeless temples & inner earth cities where sickness, aging & death do not exist.

To easily & gracefully ground the ascending earth current energies & Schumann resonance, you will be taken to the library of Porthologos beneath the Aegean Sea to read, review & re-write old earth histories, past life trauma & ancestral karmic realities with your Hollow Earth Guardian Record Keeper, Protector & Soul Librarian.

This is your golden opportunity to transmute our Beloved Earths growing pains, Collective Fear & Gaia's Grief into a safe & sacred peaceful space where together, we can restore, repair & rehabilitate our earth mother as her gatekeeper, guardian & Gaia re-birther.

On this new earth energy tour, you will be escorted to secret spaces & holy places to receive vibrational remedies, clean energy & crystalline God Sovereign Free Flow Frequencies to help you gently adjust, adapt & align with a kinder humanity & conscious community of unity, inclusivity & soul equality!

I can't wait to restore your natural electrical energy bodies with Telosian Advanced Healing Technology under the Seas of Stars & on solid holy fertile ground.

Take A Long Awaited Pilgrimage With Earth Doctors, Kachinas, Curanderos, Plant Doctors & Ancient Earth Medical Tribal Elders To Experience Mind Bending & Body Grounding Rituals From Under The Central Sun & The Inner Central Sun To Illuminate, Reinvigorate & Elevate Your Majestic, Magical & Multi-Dimensional New Earth Vibration!

Class Replay - Video Mp4 and Audio Mp3 - 135 min

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