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Vandana Light Healing

Swan Star Throat Chakra Medicine Cleanse

Swan Star Throat Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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Greetings Swan Star Soul Speaker,

Would you like to naturally be able to speak with ease, grace & elegance to work, with friends & not have to fear, panic, worry & to heal the symptoms of social anxiety?

If you've ever thought your voice doesn't matter, ever felt invisible or were told as a child your voice wasn't beautiful, then I invite you to meet your new Swan Star Power Animal!

Join me on a Cosmic Soul Retrieval Journey to meet your new Swan Star Spirit Ally, Voice Supporter & Soul Speaker Teacher to remember how to speak your peace with the alphabet & dialect of light language & words of loving kindness.

The word “Swan” is derived from an Indo-European word that means “Sing.” Thus the Swan Song, not only a reference to the association between Swan and the cycle of death and rebirth, is also significant for the power of voice and magic of singing.

Cygnus the Swan is easy to find as it flies south along the path of the Milky Way. It is easiest to spot by looking straight up and looking for the three brightest stars forming what is known as the Summer Triangle. The bright star in the lower left of this triangle is Deneb, the tail of the swan.

In shamanic belief, the swan’s large wings gather and present celestial information. Its snow-like feathers symbolize cosmic innocence and magnificence. Their long and graceful necks serve as a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It is the bridge that carries wisdom between bodily and spiritual existence.

Join me to summon in the beauty & purity of the Celestial Swan from the Milky Way Galaxy who can teach you the true meaning of Speaking your truth with ease, grace & confidence and as a special bonus, you will receive a Goddess Saraswati White Swan Attunement to reclaim your voice, power of speech & tune into the sweet sounds of spirit!

When you say YES, you will be able to gently unravel vocal suppression, withholding information & clear the fear of being judged, criticized or abandoned by your friends, family & people who may feel threatened by your galactic gifts, spot on intuition, light language & belief systems.

Swan Star Medicine is now available to help you spread your wings and fly on the wingbeats of swans to the brightest stars to glide through life with courage, never run out of breath & live sing your swan song no matter who is or is not listening on earth & in heaven.

Experience ways to unlock throat chakra to remember how to speak, create, communicate & hear your Swan Star Spirit Animal calling you home so you can walk freely, fearlessly & in beauty to arrive safely where you need to be.

Fly, Float & Glide with me & the Celestial Silver Swan Protector Across Rivers Of Stars In The Milky Way Galaxy To Find Your Soul Voice & Speak With Words Of Divine Wisdom To Heal:

  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Swallowed Irritation
  • Vows Of Silence
  • Fear Of Speaking Out
  • The Inner Judge & Critic
  • Feeling Like An Ugly Duckling

Learn The Visshudha Throat Chakra Healing Colors, Crystals, Mantras & Self-Care Rituals To Heal:

  • Social Anxiety
  • Shyness
  • Self-Consciousness
  • Fear Of Public Speaking
  • Mood Swings
  • Neck & Throat Tension

Receive The Galactic Gift Of Freedom Of Speech To Speak, Sing & Express Your Truth!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 142 Min - 07 PDF Transcripts

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