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Vandana Light Healing

Stomach De-Armoring Activation MP3

Stomach De-Armoring Activation MP3

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Greetings Clairsentients, Empaths, & Sensitive Souls,

Sometimes being so open & aware, we find ourselves absorbing everything around us like a sponge which usually doesn’t serve us & can even create dis-ease or dis-harmony in our bodies & nervous system.

Anxiety symptoms held in our belly can feel like nausea, butterflies, pain, tightness, digestive problems and discomfort but it’s also our greatest guide, messenger and gift!

Most of us store unresolved emotions, experiences, & stress that lies unprocessed due to undigested pain, fear, struggle, or trauma in this lifetime, past lives, or parallel realities.

As a result, we tend to suppress what feels unbearable or overwhelming in our emotional centers, pain bodies, & solar plexus chakras which result in abdominal & intestinal armor.

This armor creates walls of separation from our trusted feelings, emotions, & highest knowing & won’t allow us to be in our power, to feel confident, & to express our authentic true nature.

This accelerated light healing transmission will free up infinite space so you can empower your choices, enhance your vitality, & strengthen your will to live so you can claim your birthright as a mighty magical manifestor in this reality & all realities.

The golden white liquid light will melt all barriers, walls, & armor so you can feel safe being you & integrate all that life presents you allowing every experience to wash over & through you.

You no longer have to absorb, take in, or internalize others pain, anger, or anxiety because it’s not yours & doesn’t belong to you.

The RICH & RACE Clearings & Creations will assist you to move ancient & ancestral stuck & stagnant energies from the past out of your entire system so you can release non-beneficial energies that you’ve been holding onto for far too long.

You will experience a divine density detox to safely & gently let go of anything or anyone that you simply “cannot stomach” as we bathe in & soak up higher harmonic frequencies of peace, radical kindness, self-love, self-acceptance, & forgiveness of ourselves & others.

Unwind, Unravel, & Unlock buried feelings that never die!

Let Go of Anxiety and Have Ease with Your Stomach!!! 

MP3 Audio - 104 min

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