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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Stepping Into The 5D Prosperity Frequency

Stepping Into The 5D Prosperity Frequency

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Greetings 5D Chakra Creatrix,

I’ve Designed This New Program To Help You Break Free Of Unconscious Programs That Stop & Block Your Ability To Create, Magnify & Become A Vibrational Match To Lavish & Lush New Earth Abundance.

Step Into The Flow & Frequency Of 5D Chakra Prosperity To Heal:

  • Inherited Poverty Contracts & Loyalty Vows You’ve Made With Your Family
  • Lack, Scarcity & Survival Blocks Locked Into Your Lower Chakras
  • Distractor Implants That Won’t Allow You To Be, Do & Have It All
  • The Blame & Shame Spiral Loop That Keeps You Small & Powerless
  • The Lie & Story You Were Told That You're Too Much Or Not Enough
  • The Addiction & Insecure Attachment To Struggle, Suffering & Scarcity
  • Holes, Tears, Rips In Your Auric Field That Leak Your Life Force Energy
  • Chakra Sludge That Slow Down Your Power To Manifest Abundance 

If You're Willing To Shed Your False Identity Of Lack, Scarcity, Poverty & Vibrate From Your Soul Frequency To Go 5D & BE The Energy Of Infinite Prosperity & Receive An Abundance Of Joyful Possibilities Easily & Effortlessly, Then This Program Can Help You!

Experience empowering energy processes & visualization meditations infused With Reiki Color Therapies to increase your Receiving Frequency, lean into trust & let your barriers down so you can unload 3D ancestrally inherited poverty mindsets that don’t belong to you & energize 5D infinite money flows so you can rest, digest & manifest what you desire & require with ease, joy & the light of everlasting peace.

This Program Contains Powerful Clearings To Help You:

  • Ground Into The Billionaire Inner Earth Chakras
  • Release in utero fear based inherited trauma imprints
  • Thrive Not Survive In New Earth Abundance
  • Receive All Forms Of Abundance With Ease
  • Create Loving & Supportive 5D Relationships
  • Embody The Frequency Of Joy, Bliss & Peace
  • Attract & Manifest What You Dream Of & Desire
  • Cast Away The Spell Of  Lack, Scarcity & Not Enough
  • Become A Sovereign Entity Of Financial Prosperity 

Watch This Living Light Video Recording On Demand So You Can Work With Your Money Angels To Shift Your Energy From 3D Poverty To 5D Prosperity & Lighten Your Frequency As A New Earth Wealthy & Healthy Cosmic Creatrix.

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