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Vandana Light Healing

Stellar Gateway Spirit Chakra Spirit Chakra Galactivation

Stellar Gateway Spirit Chakra Spirit Chakra Galactivation

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Greetings New Earth Higher Chakra Activator,

I'm excited to be your cosmic chakra guide & take you even higher through the stargate portal to activate your star mind, speak light language, access divine energy & embody the ultimate consciousness of true oneness & manifest your starseed soul purpose on planet earth.

In order to drink from the golden chalice of universal wisdom, your Shimmering Stellar Gateway Chakra must be open to reveal your concealed teacher, healer & creator & connect to your starseed gifts & advanced ancient abilities.

Your higher dimensional cosmic chakra is the knowledge base for your soul & houses all the information and life experiences stored in your Star & Earth Records from every dimension & healing tradition you've ever learned, taught or studied.

If you've been struggling to figure out what the meaning of your life is all about, join me to experience the bliss of traveling safely & freely to access your unique galactic blueprint to activate your star DNA from your higher dimensional luminous light library.

On this 2 & 1/2 hour trance-journey, you will be able to soul travel to meet Archangel Metatron, The Multi Winged Seraphim, Mighty Blue Eagle & Star Isis From Sirius, Star Shamans, Soul Librarians & Your Angelic Record Keepers who over-see your spirit chakra entrance way to allow you full access to restore your divine essence, soul spark & true identity.

When your soul says YES, you will receive a divine chakra doctoring etheric healing recalibration session with Dr. Lorphan & The Arcturian Divine Light Surgeons to clear soul trauma & re-wire your skill set to turn lifetimes of knowledge into integrated soul wisdom.

We will also learn & practice the little-known 8th-12th chakra mantras to open, awaken & unlock your higher dimensional chakras to make amends with all earth & star energies, entities & frequencies so you can feel safe, grounded & supported in all galaxies, timelines & realities.

Learn the colors, symbols, crystals, mudras & healing affirmations to activate the golden gate of your I AM Presence so you can:

  • Heal and balance your 7 chakras in your physical body
  • Gain the cosmic clarity, telepathy & insights to trust your intuition
  • Access deep relaxation to calm & regulate your emotional nervous system
  • Make peace with your ancestral earth past & your star lineage to become karma-free
  • Awaken your clairvoyance & spirit guided awareness s to enhance your starseed abilities
  • Remember how to write, speak, draw & dance in the dialect & alphabet of your light language
  • Heal or move on from the old earth relationships you've vibrationally outgrown & outvibe
  • Feel, hear, trust, know & instantly recognize the spiritual presence of your star elder guardians
  • Contact & communicate with your inter-galactic family, teachers, elders & star records librarians

When your Stellar Gateway Chakra is cleansed & cleared, your dormant DNA strands can awaken to unlock the key to 3D dense duality & see your life from the higher perspective of peace, grace & oneness.

Learn how to speak, write & communicate your divine light language to read, review & re-write outdated soul contracts & become a divine channel of magic, medicine & miraculous blessings.

Come teleport to your temple of karma free destiny & Retrieve Your Inner Creator, Healer & Teacher Blueprint!


Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 165min - 17 PDF Documents

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