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Vandana Light Healing

Star Sapphire Platinum Ray Light Bath Immersion - For Frozen Fear, Frustration & Adrenal Exhaustion

Star Sapphire Platinum Ray Light Bath Immersion - For Frozen Fear, Frustration & Adrenal Exhaustion

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If you've been feeling over-whelmed, over-stimulated & over-cooked by galactic new earth energies & higher frequencies, there is a sacred place & sovereign space of grace where you can relax, rest & digest the dance of duality you've lived through & are continuously exposed to.

Join me to teleport out of space, off this planet & in the inner realms of  Shambhalla, Arcturus & Venus to soak, float, bathe & swim in star sapphire light, platinum rays & liquid gold to empty your worried mind, soothe your soul & de-adrenalize mental  stress, earth density & frequency over-activity.

Dive deep into tanks of tranquility, sacred solfeggio sounds & color baths to unlock chakra blocks, unravel karmic knots & melt miasmic pain you've inherited from your bloodline, biological birthplace & astral ancestors in alternate galaxies, timelines & realities that  drain, deplete & exhaust your emotional nervous system.

Teleport to higher dimensions to comfortably hold, absorb & store 100% pure platinum, plasmic & photonic light so you can share your galactic gifts, be of service & sustain a heightened & enlightened vibration deep within your crystalline core & divine DNA.

As a spiritual seeker, soul traveler, paradigm shifter & ascensiont awakener, you have earned the right to take a break, unwind your mind & be held in the womb of of euphoric bliss, ecstatic joy & liquid light to dissolve old earth anxiety, PTSD & too much energy that depletes, drains & exhausts you.

This high frequency ascension activation is ideal for energy healers, body workers or anyone who caretakes & is connected to vibrationally mismatched energies, painful entities, lower frequencies or toxic densities from clients, children, parents, places or spaces that you are exposed to, live with or work with.

You deserve to be rewarded, supported & uplifted to fill your cup with divine dispensations & peaceful sensations from the higher dimensions where stress, pain & fear do not exist.

This is a golden opportunity to drink in drops of amrita, honey nectar, liquid platinum, & star sapphires to gently, safely & non-invasively dissolve adrenal overwhelm, obsessive stress & emotional flashbacks of hyper-vigilance, hyper-arousal & an over-stimulated nervous system that won't allow you to sleep well, live well or feel well even in dream time.

The Platinum Ray feels cooling, melting & soothing to your muscles, organs, bones, glands, tissues & busy brain waves.

It can be felt & experienced as cooling, healing, neutralizing & stabilizing so you can process, integrate & assimilate the ascension shifts at your own pace in the platinum pods of ease & grace.

Let me be your golden galactic guide to allow you to experience what silver & gold colored liquid platinum looks and feels like as it is poured over & through to melt your pain & coat your brain with cosmic healing possibilities & your divine human potentialities to help you reclaim your energy, integrity & 5D authenticity.

When you bathe in platinum light, star medicine & sapphire frequencies, you can channel crystal clear energy, retrieve your lost energy while kindly & compassionately being of service right where you are & just as you are.

On this golden galactivation trance-mission, you will receive the golden keys & cosmic codes to safely & sweetly release yourself from people pleasing, toxic shame & false identities you've inherited, learned or duplicated to fit in, be loved & feel accepted by others that cannot see you, serve you or support what's different, unique & special about you.

When you enter into your safe place & sweet spot, you will experience what it looks & feels like to truly let go of body tension, scary expectations & less than kind energies that haunt you & hurt you.

In this temple of self-love & self care, you will be shown how to better care for yourself, satisfy your own needs & trust there is no rush to ascend, escape or leave this planet but you can enjoy your stay here & make the most of your time by just being blessed & caressed by divine doctors, star shamans & spirit surgeons who over-see & over-light your brilliant mind, diamond heart & shining soul.

When you say YES, you will receive divine doctoring, cosmic comforting, etheric surgery, re-circuitry, infra-red technology & crystal geometries from Dr Lorphan, The AMAS (Arcturian Celestial Medical Assistants), Lady Venus , Divine Doulas, Overlighting Acupuncturists, &the  Ascended Masters Vyamus & Kuthumi,

You will receive a Platinum Ray Attunement  to re-wire faulty neurological, psychological & biological electrical wiring. of your etheric, subtle & spiritual bodies so you can hold a higher light quotient and easily embody galactic upgrades, solar updates & planetary ascension shifts in your star mind, crystalline cells & electromagnetic frequency field.

IN-JOY an Arcturian & Venusian Spa Day filled with Sapphire, Turquoise & Platinum Radiance  to heal, harmonize & stabilize your energy & frequency to align with the divine in this dimension in a higher vibration that serves, supports & expands your visions, dreams & soul mission.

Cool down, chill out & melt your human cares away in tubs of tranquility & seas of divinity in liquid light, star dust & streams of bliss!

Take a spa day before the human stress of manufactured holidays to move you beyond 3D duality, density & ungrounded energy!


Live Class Replay - 111 Minutes - MP4 Video

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