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Vandana Light Healing

Star Mother-Earth Mama Throat Chakra Medicine Cleanse

Star Mother-Earth Mama Throat Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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Greetings Pleidean Star Songstress,

Did you know that your Visshudah Throat Chakra is located at the center of the neck & when healthy, balanced & aligned with the divine allows you to speak your truth, frees us from fear of judgement & liberates us people pleasing, validation & the voice of our inner critic?

If this feels true for you, I invite you to take receive a Throat Expanding Voice Awakening Rite Of Empowerment From The 7 Pleidean Sistars who over-light us & The 7 Nustas Who Support & Feed Us With Seeds Of Divinity, Sovereignty & New Earth Authenticity To Embody Our True Identity.

When you say YES to Unlocking Buried Blocks In Your Throat Chakra, You'll Be Able To Speak Words Of Wisdom, Conviction & Loving Kindness As A Loving & Compassionate Divine Human!

  • Listen Deeply To The Voices Of Your Earth & Star Ancestors To Soothe & Support You
  • Channel A Two Way Conversation With Your Higher Self & I AM PRESENCE
  • Speak Channeled Light Language To Communicate With The Intelligence Of The Universe With Clarity & Confidence
  • Clear Your Visshudha Throat Chakra Of Swallowed Fear, Being Silenced & Your Inner Censor
  • Feel Safe To See, Hear & Express Your Divine True Nature As A Pleiadian Channel, Clairaudient Medium & Soul Whisperer

Come Experience Golden Dreams Of Visions, Mystic Crystal Revelations & Your Minds True Liberation As We Journey Through The Platinum Pleidean Stargate To Update Your Divine Human Template, Enlighten Your Earth Vibration, Speak Your Star Tribes Light Language & Heal Generations Of Divine Feminine Vocal Suppression.

In This Voice Awakening Empowerment Initiation, We Will Use The Image Of The Chakana Equal Armed Incan Cross As A Bridge To Enter The Dimension Of Freedom Of Expression With Feathers, Sage, Drums & Rattles That Allow A Gentle, Safe & Liberating Vocal Release Cleanse To Speak Our Truth With Ease, Clarity & Confidence.

This Sacred Ceremonial Rite Of Power Serves To Awaken Your Center Of Communications Emotional Intelligence To Heal Ancestrally Inherited Beliefs That May Have Led To Taking Vows Of Silence, Swallowing Your Feelings & Coerced Suppression So You Can Be Free To Express Your Authentic Identity!

Reunite with your First Star Mother Pleione, Your Bluish Sparkling Star Sistar Electra & The Nusta Wind Goddess Maria Sakapana Who Lives In Apu Ausangate In Cusco To Remove Blocks Of Creative Visions, Unfinished Poems, Unfulfilled Dreams & Words Left Unspoken In Every Dimension, Direction & Incarnation.

This Earth & Star Vocal Alignment Will Connect You Through The Sacred Site Of Your Anahata Heart Chakra to the leylines of energy that flow through your bodies.

To Help Anchor In The Return Of The Divine Feminine To Empower Your Voice & Those Of Your Disempowered Ancestors, You'll Receive The Following Initiations:

  • A Pleidean Crystal Light Attunement To Activate Your Star DNA To Speak, Hear & Understand Your Light Language Alphabet & Dialect
  • High Heart Thumping, Emotional Freedom Tapping & RICH Clearings To Re-Set Your True Voice To It's Pure Frequency
  • A Leumerian Sha-Woman Cleanse To Melt Energetic Sludge, Sediment & Tar Stuck At The Back Of Your Throat From Lifetimes Of Having To Swallow & Hold Back Your Truth
  • How To Hear The Icaro Medicine Songs Your Ancestors Sang To Hear Them Singing Through You
  • A Throat Clearing Star Mother - Earth Mama Cleanse To Release Fear Of Judgment, Punishment Or Abandonment When Speaking In Public
  • An Interdimensional Soul Retrieval Journey To Unlock Shyness, Self-Consciousness & Self-Doubt & Use Your Voice As A Divine Healing Light Instrument
  • An Easy Way To Tone Your Vagus Nerve To Release Raw Emotions & Congestion That Manifest As Sore Throats, Thyroid Imbalance & A Weakened Immune System

    This Visshudha Throat Chakra Medicine Relieves Ascension Symptoms Of:

    • Withholding Expressing Creative Ideas Clearly & Honestly
    • Refusing To Listen To Your Higher Self & Taking What Others Say Personally
    • Feeling Anxious, Depressed & Tension In Your Jaw, Neck & Shoulders
    • Unable To Speak, Listen & Communicate Easily With Loved Ones In Spirit
    • Hypo/hyper thyroid issues, tonsillitis, tinnitus or Ear/Nose/Throat Imbalance
    • TMJ Jaw Pain, Teeth Grinding & Head & Neck Chronic Tension
    • Hearing Loss, Stuffiness & Challenges With Communication
    • Speaking Aggressively, Acting Inpatients & Behaving Compulsively

    This Star Mother-Earth Mama Heart Mending Cleanse Will Help You To:

    • Heal Fear Of Public Speaking, Performing & Being Judged By Others
    • Speak Your Highest Truth With Courage, Clarity & Personal Power
    • Chant An Ancient Healing Mantra To Help You Express Your Voice Of Wisdom
    • Trusting The Voice Of Your Intuition For Strength, Courage & Divine Inspiration
    • Hear The Voices Of Angels, Messages From Ancestors & Your Souls Whispers
    • Unlock Throat Chakra Blocks With The Warmth Of Your Reiki Healing Hands
    • Speak Pleidean Light Language Over-Lit By The Star Electra & Mama Sakapana
    • Practice Mindfulness Breathing To Know When To Speak & When To Be Silent

    Join Me Heal Ancient Generations Of Divine Feminine Disempowerment To Move Mountains Of Energy, Express Your Sha-Woman Shakti Energy & Awaken Your Kundalini Creativity, Feel Worthy & Activate Your Pleidean Priestess DNA.

    Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 137min - 9 Printable Documents

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