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Vandana Light Healing

Star Mother-Earth Mama Solar Plexus Chakra Cleanse

Star Mother-Earth Mama Solar Plexus Chakra Cleanse

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Greetings Pleidean Cosmic Creatrix Priestess,

The 7 Sisters are our Pleidean Star Mothers who over-light us, gave birth to us, breathe new life into us & feed us with the nectar of liquid light Amrita.

Since we are made of Earth & Stars, We Can Easily Connect With Our Ancient Elder Ancestors Who Carry Divine Feminine Chakra Medicine To Help Us Awaken Our Homo-Luminous Light Body So We May Fulfill Our Divine Sacred Soul Potential.

When We Align With Our Star Mothers & Earth Mamas, We Can More Easily Embody The New Earth Energies & Refined Frequencies As We Evolve, Grow & Welcome The Golden Age Of Aquarius!

Come play with me to experience Golden Dreams Of Visions, Mystic Crystal Revelations & Your Minds True Liberation Through The Pleidean Stargate To Update Your Divine Human Template, Enlighten Your Earth Vibration, Speak Your Celestial Light Language & Heal Suppressed Feelings Hidden In Your Sacral Soul Creatrix Chakra!

If You Suffer From Creative Blocks, Lack Of Support, The Loneliness Of Indifference Or Emotional Numbness, Your Svadhistana Second Chakra May Have Become Imbalanced, Damaged & Lost Its Natural Connection To The Blessings Of Earth & Heaven Protection In Your Most Intimate Relationships!

This Sacral Chakra Divine Feminine Medicine Cleanse Is Perfect For You If You've Been Experiencing: 

  • Bouts Of Jealousy, Resentfulness, Loneliness Or Extreme Shyness
  • Inner Child Wounding, Shadow Shaming & Rejection From Your First Caregivers
  • Insecure Attachments, Unhealthy
  • Difficulty In Establishing Healthy Boundary Settings In Relationships
  • Creative Blocks, Fear Of Intimacy & Disconnect With Your Own Feelings
  • Not Trusting Your Gut & Lack Of Support In Past Or Present Relationships
  • Feeling Stuck On Automatic, Being Codependent, Disconnected From Blessings & In Survival Programming
  • Divine Feminine Disempowerment, Unworthiness Or Sexual Disturbance
  • Hip, Spine & Digestive Problems

This Star Mother-Earth Mama Chakra Medicine Cleanse Will Help You To: 

  • Strengthen & Awaken Your Kunalini Creatrix Shakti Life Force Energy
  • Water Your Starseed DNA Frequency In Your Core Star, Hara & Dantian Center
  • Unravel Heavy Feelings & Withholding Strong Emotions Too Difficult To Deal With
  • Empower Your Sacred Sexuality & Right To Experience Pleasure & Intimacy 
  • Express Your True Feelings With Greater Ease, Flow & Feminine Fluidity
  • Receive Healing With Star Alcyone & Taygeta The Queens Of Your Belly Chakra
  • Feel Safe, Seen & Supported To Bond With, Re-Birth & Reparent Your Inner Child

On This Guided Galactic Journey, I Will Introduce & Attune You To The Incan Sacral Chakra Goddess From Macchu Picchu, The Pleidean Kahuna Story Tellers & The Powers, Potency & Water Elemental Energies Of Lake Titicaca & The Mountains Of Macha Picchu.

You Will Also Receive 3 Star Of Stillness Attunements To Open Your Ajna Chakra Spirit Vision, Awaken The 9 Heart Gate Temples In A Munay Initiation & Soften The Tension Of Suppression In Your Sacred Stomach Chakra.

Come Learn How To Sound The Song Of The Goddess To Calm, Regulate & Re-Set Your Vagus Nervous System With Your Own Healing Breath To Retrieve Your Power Parts, Embody Your Sha-Woman Soul Healing Abilities & Become A Kinder, Loving & Compassionate Co-Creatrix With The Backing, Blessings & Nurturing Support Of Your Earth & Star Mothers!

The 7 Pleidean Sistars Will Install Your Original Cosmic Circuitry With Silver Blue Pleidean Energy, The Master Andara Crystalline Frequency & The Tender Touch Of Your First Mothers Softening Your Belly With Red Reiki Spiritual Energy.

Join Me & Your Star Mothers-Earth Mamas Community To Cleanse Your Womb Chakra Of Divine Feminine Suppression In Every Dimension, Direction & Pleidean-Incan Incarnation.

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 140min - 13 Printable Documents

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