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Vandana Light Healing

Star Mother - Earth Mama - Crown Chakra Medicine Cleanse

Star Mother - Earth Mama - Crown Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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Greetings Thousand Petalled Lotus Crown Chakra Goddess,

Come Play With The Pleidean Twin Star Sistars Merope & Asterope To Receive A Seeds Of Light Crown Chakra Rite Of Empowerment & New Earth Guidance From The Nusta Mountain Twin Sistar Earth Spirits Huana & Tomasa Wamantikkla.

Teleport With Me To The Falcon Temple of Of Freedom, Higher Self Communication & Inner Transformation To Open, Awaken & Activate Your Starseed Intuition To Receive Important Updates, Downloads & Light Code Instructions From Your Star Mother Teacher Pleione, Alcyone The Star Of New Beginnings, The Nustana Incan Twin Sistar Earth Goddesses & The Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor Bird Tribes To Swoop Down, Sweep Out & Clear Your Limbic System From Magical Thinking, Fear Of Source Separation & Disconnection From Great Spirit!

This Class Is Meant For You If You've Been Struggling With: 

  • Mental Exhaustion
  • Chronic Headaches 
  • Sinus Pressure
  • Poor Physical Coordination 
  • Disconnection From Your Higher Self
  • Lack Of Divine Inspiration & Motivation 

When You Say YES, You Will Be Able To Experience: 

  • A Double Dose Of Earth & Star Soul Medicine To Fall In Love With Your Inner Twin 
  • A Tri Colored Candle Ceremonial Transformational Ritual To Ignite Your Triple Heart Flame
  • Bird Stone Amulet Blessings To Soul Travel With Your Newly found Power Wings Of Freedom
  • A Lotus Flower Expansion Activation To Awaken Your Higher Self’s Infinite Consciousness
  • A New Earth Nusta Road Map To Navigate The New Earth Dimension
  • Reinstating Your Claircognizant Gifts & Intuitive Insights To Transform Past Life Forgetfulness
  • Owning & Honoring What's Special, Different & Unique About You
  • Manifesting Your Divine Soul Plan, Innovative Visions & Sacred Purpose Faster
  • Liberate Your Female Ancestors From Vows Of Enslavement & Disempowerment
  • Fully Embody Your Identity As A Living Light Connector, Awakener & Soul Liberator

If you're ready to connect to your Higher Self, I AM PRESENCE, Over-Soul & First Star Tribe Family Who Birthed You, Then Come Play With The Crown Chakra Goddess Tomasa Wamantikkla, The Pleidean Star Sistar Alcyone & The Power & Prophecy of Over-Lighting Celestial condors, Heavenly Hawks, Wise Old Magical Owls & The Mighty Blue Eagle From Star Sirius Who Swoops Down & Sweeps Away Heavy "Hucha" Earth Energy, Then Treat Yourself To An "Out Of This World" Journey To Experience This Sha-Woman Vision Quest Freedom & Liberation Power Attunement.

If Any Or All Of These Crown Chakra Blockage Symptoms Resonates, Then Take An Inter-Galactic Crown Chakra Journey With Me To Part Veils Of Starseed Forgetfulness So You Can Finally Remember Lost Knowledge, Star Wisdom & Your Birth Right Of Freedom In This Sahasrara Lotus Flower Crown Chakra Awakening.


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 142min - 10 Documents

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