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Vandana Light Healing

Star Mother - Earth Mama - 3rd Eye Chakra Medicine Cleanse

Star Mother - Earth Mama - 3rd Eye Chakra Medicine Cleanse

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Join Me To Activate Your Creatrix Visions To Trust Your Intuition & Practice The Ancient Art Of Divination To Receive Important Updates, Downloads & Light Codes In This Divine Feminine Rite Of Empowerment From The Spirits Of The Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor.

If You've Been Struggling With Self-Doubt, Confusion & Not Trusting Your Own Intuition, Take An Inter-Galactic Journey To Clear Away Veils Of Illusion & Cobwebs Of Confusion That Block Your Creatrix Visions With This Nustay Karpay Third Eye Awakening Initiation.

When You Say YES, Your Protectress Priestess Huaman From The Upper World Will Perform A Forehead To Forehead Transmission Feeding You With Seeds Of Illumination, Bird Stones & Tools Of Safe Flight To Help You Grow Your Power Wings To See Your Life From A Higher Perspective With The Wisdom Eyes Of A Magical Owl With 20/20 Vision That Can See Through Anything With Higher Perceptions, Insights & Prophet Visions Even On The Darkest Night When There's No Light In Sight.

If you're ready to see the truth of everything, join me, Huana Huaman & The Plediean Star Sistar Merope to experience the power & prophecy of celestial condors, heavenly hawks, wise old owls & eagles of soul liberation to see above clouds, dissolve brain fog and see through illusory smokescreens through your newly awakened third, fourth & fifth clairvoyant cosmic chakras with your ancient feathered bird tribes.

Join me to wash away heavy "hucha" energy as we gaze at our Star Mother Pleione, Drink in the Star Wisdom Of Our First Sixth Star Sistar Merope & Blow Open Our 3rd, 4th & 5th Spirit Sight Centers To Improve Our Psychic Visions, Enhance Our Clairvoyant Intuition & Trust We're Here For A Higher Reason.

During This 2 Hour Eye Opening Star Mother - Earth Mother Pineal Gland Galactivation, You Will Learn & Practice: 

  • How To Chant The Ajna Brow Chakra Mantra
  • The Ancient Sanskrit Mudra To Connect With Your Higher Selfs Wisdom
  • The Amethyst Power Stone To Awaken Raise Your Divine Feminine Vibration
  • The Art Of Smudging Away Negativity With Feathers, Sage & Cosmic Curanderas
  • A 3rd Eye Chakra Massage & Candle Gazing Meditation To Rest Your Eyes & Improve Your Vision
  • Thymus Thumping & EFT Tapping To Release Fear, Doubt & Resistance To Seeing With 20/20 Vision
  • Vibrational Sound Healing With Drumming, Rattling & The Reiki 3rd Eye Treatment Position

The Powerful Shifts & Benefits Of Receiving This Nusta Kuna Karpay Rite Of Crystal Clear Vision Are: 

  • Seeing Through The Fresh New Eyes Of An Innocent Child
  • Recognizing The Presence Of Angels, Fairies, Sprites & Pleidean Winged Star Beings
  • Confirming What You See In Prophetic Dreams Can Help You See The Light At Night
  • Seeing Greater Possibilities That Don't Exist In The Density & Duality In This Reality
  • Envisioning Solutions To Old Problems With Enhanced Clarity, Creativity & The Gift Of Prophecy
  • Activating Your Starseed Natural Ability To See The Presence Of Spirit, Guides & Power Helpers
  • Awakening Your Pineal Glands Melatonin To Sleep Better, Relax & Re-Set Your Nervous System

I look forward to opening, awakening & activating your spirit eyes with the Pleidean Illary Qoto, The Nustana Goddess Huaman & The Magical Wisdom Of The Owl, Hawk, Falcon & Eagle That Can Help You See Invisible Blessings You've Been Missing From Every Angle, Direction, Dimension & Incarnation!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 131min - 9 Documents

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