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Vandana Light Healing

Soul Star Chakra Activation MP4 Video Version

Soul Star Chakra Activation MP4 Video Version

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Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your soul star chakra to divinely awaken to the secrets of soul mastery & divine destiny!!!

Awaken & Activate the seat of your soul to discover your soul purpose, divine alchemy & multi-dimensional mastery as an embodied eternal sovereign soul.

As your soul star expands, it becomes easier to access your galactic mission, cosmic mind & star magic as a divine human & infinite being on planet earth.

This Soul Star Chakra Upgrade Allows You To Access Divine Wisdom Stored In The Seat Of Your Very Own Soul.

On this frequency encoded transmission, your soul star chakra can open & align to your soul truth, soul essence & soul plan to help you re-remember who you really are & why you're truly here.

Join Vandana to re-connect you to merge with your higher self, I AM Presence & spirit guides so you may follow your highest path, be of service & ascend into your greatest self with effortless ease & galactic grace.

Awaken your Soul Stars Mystical Knowledge, Magical Gifts & Siddhi Powers!

74 minutes
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