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Vandana Light Healing

Soul Star Chakra Activation

Soul Star Chakra Activation

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I'm excited to open & awaken your heavenly halo, holy star, angelic talisman & the vyapini seat of your soul to become a rainbow bridge & galactic gateway of divine wisdom.

Your soul star chakra must be open to download light intelligent information to soul travel to your past life archives, akashic records & pure essence so you can manifest your highest soul purpose in this incarnation!

Teleport with me on this higher chakra ascension journey to shimmer, shine & awaken your sacred mind, bliss brain & 5th dimensional consciousness.

Become A Channel Of Earth, Heart & Heavenly Chi To Heal Karmic Soul Trauma To: 

  • Connect you with your higher self’s wisdom, guidance, gifts & intelligence
  • Open, read & re-write your earth star & silver soul star chakras akashic records
  • Clear chakra cords, cosmic contracts & past life karmic imprints that don't support you
  • Receive multi-dimensional messages from angels, guides & ascended masters
  • Vibrate & pulsate your soul star chakra to awaken your wise old indigo soul 

Your Holy Soul Star Chakra is a sacred place where your soul can rest, digest, recover from soul distress & rise above your physical body & connect to the dimension of oneness.

If you’re having trouble finding peace, activating and balancing this chakra allows you to receive help, guidance and assistance to heal soul trauma, discover your authentic purpose and balance your chakras in your rainbow light body.

This class is designed for sensitive starseeds, creatives & empaths who struggle on earth and desire to: 

  • Awaken & Strengthen Your Suppressed Psychic Gifts
  • Learn How To Construct Your Own Souls Safety Net & Crystalline Grid
  • Read, Review & Re-Write Your Soul Biographies History In Your Living Light Library
  • Connect With Your Higher Self, Over-Soul & Infinite Wisdom Of Your I Am Presence 
  • Reclaim Your Original Soul Energy, Raise Your Frequency & Discover Your Starseed DNA

In This Soul Star Chakra Spirit Surgery Session, You Will Experience: 

  • Etheric Acupuncture To Unlock Chakra Blocks In All 7 Chakra Energy Centers
  • Lyran Laser Light Surgery To Melt Unholy Hooks, Chakra Cords, Earth Seals & Attachments
  • Soul Star & Earth Star Divine Intervention To Retrieve Your Soul Bodies Voice & True Identity
  • Reiki Soul Spa Therapy To Clear Chakra Seals That Disconnect You From Your Soul Identity
  • Divine Feminine Soul Nurturing To Shimmer, Shine & Awaken Your Sleeping Soul Star Chakra

You have the power to awaken your point of ascension, transformation & earth enlightenment to let go of false identities & evolve with total ease to transcend the addiction to earth stress, struggle & suffering!!!

When You Say YES, You will also learn how to: 

  • Chant Your Soul Star Chakra Mantra
  • Meditate With Your Halo Mudra & Magical Mandala
  • Create A Crystal Grid With Ascension Stones To Align Your Soul Star With Your Crown Chakra
  • Breathe Open Your 8th Chakra To Communicate With The Angels Of Your Soul Star Records
  • Connect With Your Soul Family, Frequency, Flow & Divine Life Force Earth & Star Energy
  • Shift Your Mood, Brighten Your Aura & Lighten Dark Energy With Cosmic Color Therapy 
  • Attune To The Soul Star Chakra 272.2 Hz Frequency To Awaken Your Soul Star Chakra

Meet Your Team Of Soul Spa Chakra Doctors, Galactic Golden Light Surgeons & Soul Record Librarians To Heal Soul Trauma, Experience A Taste Of Heavenly Ecstasy, Remember Your Souls True Identity & Fulfill Your Divine Destiny In The Earth & Soul Star 5D Pharmacy.

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio - 159min - 14 Documents

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