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Vandana Light Healing

Soul Retrieval, Past Lives and Parallel Realities MP3

Soul Retrieval, Past Lives and Parallel Realities MP3

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Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic healing method. Your soul or life essence is pure energy that carries with it certain qualities and strengths in order to fulfill your life purpose or soul's calling. When we experience trauma, parts of our soul leave in order to survive.

Since we live many lifetimes and existences in many dimensions, planets, star systems and realms, we may feel lost, alienated, incomplete or empty inside as a result of soul loss. Fragments of our soul essence contining our life force energy, our vitality and our gifts and talents may be challenging to retrieve without a soul guide to assist us.

During this soul retreival gathering, Vandana will facilitate mini soul recovery journeys in between worlds from past lives, parallel realities or future existences. Parts of your essence & soul signature may exist in other locations that you might not even be aware of.

Every participapnt will receive exactly what they need to clear & unlock emotional blockages, emotional & mental inherited patterns & programs stored in your genetic dna & cellular memories & replace them with living light encoded infusions in your brain and nervous system.

You'll finally be able to break vows, oaths and decisions as well as energetic ties to others that you're still vibrating from and release parts of others soul pieces that you have been unconsciously holding as well. As a result, you can feel truly liberted and free of heaviness and density and experience more ease, joy, peace, grace and space every day.

In This Accelerated Light Healing Transmission, You Will Experience:
  • Loving yourself & feeling whole & complete just as you are
  • How it looks & feels to recapture your childlike innocence, trust & loving true nature
  • A Soul Empowerment to heal soul loss & lifetimes of disappointment & disempowerment 
  • The essence of self-love, self-acceptance & inner strength
  • How To Embody Vibrancy, Vitality & Renewed Energy
  • Inter-Dimensional Soul Guidance, Closure & The Return Of Your Shamanic Powers
This energetic healing activation can free your soul from old ways of being, perceiving and navigating this reality while we ascend into the 5th dimension & infinite cosmic consciousness!!!

You will be connected to divine mind as you remember how to vibrate from the higher planes and shine your unique soul light and divine essence once again in this lifetime.

Feel whole, complete and integrated as you remember and express your birthright as a divine creator and infinite being as you give yourself permission to unhoook & break free of the energetic shackles, cuffs and collars that have kept you in bondage for far too long.

Welcome back home to all of who you've always been!

Get this Amazing Healing Experience!!!

77 minutes
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