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Vandana Light Healing

Soma Chakra Activation - Awakening To Bliss, Joy & Ecstasy

Soma Chakra Activation - Awakening To Bliss, Joy & Ecstasy

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Drink the sweet nectar of bliss, blessings & beauty in the Temple Of Illumination, Rejuvenation & Regeneration!

Come out & play on the new earth earth & in the bright stars to dance with the divine healer within under the light of the silvery moon!

If you feel disconnected, disoriented or dis-empowered, you may feel like a lost soul, walk in or like you don't belong on planet earth.

When your Soma Center is blocked, you may even experience:

- Stress & Anxiety

- Frequent Headaches

- Insomnia

- Trouble Speaking Or Being Heard

- Thyroid Imbalance

- Indigestion

When your Soma Chakra Flows, you experience:

- Profound peace, presence & multi-dimensional awareness

- Ease, Flow & Flexibility In Your Mind, Body & Spirit

- Spiritual Connection, Mental Clarity & Cosmic Creativity

- Enhanced Energy, Radiant Health & Renewed Vitality

- Expansion Of Psychic Gifts, Telepathy & 5D Mastery

If this feels true for you, your Amria Chakra may be weakened, closed or imbalanced causing you to lack energy, clarity & vitality.

The Soma or nectar tantric chakra transmits and receives cooling & calming healing energy to balance your psycho-spiritual & physical body (mind, body & spirit).

As a sovereign soul, you have the power & authority to unlock, clear & release blocks in receiving sweet blessings of peace, presence & pleasure.

When you flow from a healthy & happy soma chakra moon center,  you can easily connect to & flow with the angelic realms, divine downloads & psychic siddhi powers!

When opened & awakened, it turns on your Shiva/Shakti Cosmic Consciousness Of Truth, Beauty & Goodness To Heal Your Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Wounds.

Join me to drink in the elixir of bliss, liquid light & drops of amrita to energize, stimulate & awaken your A-KA-THA Feminine Flow Of Deep Connection & Cosmic Creation.

Awaken & Activate Your Kundalini Creativity & Universal Life Force Energy Now!

99 minutes - MP4 Class Replay

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