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Vandana Light Healing

Solar Plexus Detox

Solar Plexus Detox

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Enjoy this Solar plexus chakra detox to help you rest, digest, process & integrate every life experience that you’re still hiding, rejecting, ignoring or resisting with your team of angels, power animals & nature spirit devas who show you how to move stuck energy and discover your own strength, resilience & power.

As you watch & listen to each meditation, energy process & dream like visualization journey, you’ll be able to ignite the golden fire in your belly to live more freely, consciously with dignity & authenticity.

When your “spiritual stomach” is healthy, vibrant & open, you’re in the flow state, aware and not controlled by your feelings and no longer fear losing control, having your healing gifts being stolen by others or the auto pilot program of self-judgment, fears & phobias that make you hide, isolate & make you think you are less than others.

Listen in small sections or in one sitting before bedtime or first thing in the morning when you feel unsafe, unsupported, or disempowered. You may play this living light recording on a loop to cleanse & clear cellular trauma & find safe refuge & enjoy breathing in the temple of your belly & lower bodies.

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